Planning All American History for High School

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Planning All American History for High School

We have reached the point in my third student’s high school career that he needs his American history credit. My first son did both volumes of All American History in one year. We called it a Survey of American History and he spent a semester on each volume. My daughter completed All American history Volume II for her credit. My plan is for my second son to follow a similar path to his sister.

Since this is my third time planning All American History I thought I would share how I am making it work. With supplies on hand it should take about an hour to get things ready for your first lesson.

Planning All American History Supplies:

  • 3-book-set of All American History which includes the Reader, Student Activity Book, and Teacher Guide.
  • 3-ring binder for the Student Activity Book pages
  • The All American History High School test packet download
  • File folder for the printed tests
  • Copy of the checklist for each unit with tests added
  • 16 copies of the Weekly Work Grade Rubric (found in this post)
  • Scissors, double-sided tape, pen/pencil
  • WonderMaps

Now let’s look at what I am doing with all of these supplies.

Obviously you need the 3 book set, I am debating about getting the Reader in an ebook form to put on my son’s computer. Since he often comes with me to the office it would be nice to have one less book to carry.

My son isn’t the greatest at keeping track of multiple items so instead of having him every week remove the pages for that week’s lesson from the Student Activity Book, I had him remove them all at one time and place in a 3-ring binder. He also removed the front cover and placed it on the cover of the binder. I used a page protector to hold the pages he will be cutting images from.

Tests for All American History were created after the publishing of the curriculum. Since I don’t have time during the school year to print I have printed out the 8 tests and placed them in a file folder to be stored with the Teacher Guide.

If I don’t have a checklist of some kind to track what he has accomplished, it leads to things being forgotten. I have made copies of each unit checklist and penciled in when each test needs to be completed. This will allow me to a quick glance visual of what lesson he is currently working on.

Last year my son did well with the Rubric from The Mystery of History online class. I decided to create one for All American History. I printed out 16 copies and placed them in his 3-ring binder.

I made sure to have double-sided tape to our supply list. That way there are no excuses for images not being added to the Student Activity pages.

In helping his computer skills I am going to have him create his answer maps in WonderMaps. With its new annotated version I think this will be more interesting then coloring things in.

All American History Rubric sheet

Notes about the Rubric:

  • I don’t necessary have a movie planned for every week but since I gave 60 minutes each week I am sure every other week a 2 hour movie will happen. I don’t expect him to read a complete book each week but plan on giving credit for reading parts of books. I will adjust as needed.
  • I am also going to include The Great Courses History of The United States. My son enjoys listening and discussing these lectures so it will make our trips in the car productive. I am not worrying about them lining up perfectly. I find that stresses me out too much.
  • We might not complete the timeline either so I will just adjust the rubric to reflect that.

Since All American History has 32 lessons my son will complete a lesson a week until the book is complete. Now to plan a few field trips, last year I didn’t do a great job in that department.

How are you planning All American History for high school? Have any tips? Any questions?

This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!


  1. Suzanna Foster says:

    Thank you for this guideline for teaching All American History! I was wondering if you might have a copy of the schedule you used or just give an example of how you scheduled both volumes in one year?

  2. Stacey Lane says:

    When scheduling both volumes, we did 2 lessons a week. Since that is a lot of reading we did less of the more further study questions. So they read 2 lessons, filled in the notebook pages and did 1 or 2 for further study research based per semester. My kids selected which 1or 2 they completed.

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