Mystery of History volume 1, Popular Q and A

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Mystery of History volume 1 Popular Questions and Answers

The top 10 frequently asked questions about using Mystery of History volume 1.

I thought I would take a moment and give the answers I give when people stop by the Bright Ideas Press booth at conferences or ask me questions on-line.

  1. What grade level can this be used with? Mystery of History’s goal is to teach grades kindergarten through high school. Each lesson has activities for younger, middle and older students.
  2. Which volume do you start with? Since Mystery of History is written in chronological order I recommend starting in the beginning with volume 1. This volume covers creation to the death of Christ. Now if you have spent the last 3 years teaching ancient history, then move to a volume that covers a time period new to your school.
  3. What are the essentials for teaching? The student pages are included in the book, copies are allowed for single family use. If you are going to complete the weekly map assignments then a good atlas or Wonder Maps will be needed for the map work. Supplies are needed for some of the activities. If you decide to create a timeline then supplies are needed for the timeline and figures.
  4. Do I need all the supplements? The supplements are designed to address the different learning needs of kids. They are not needed to complete Mystery of History volume 1 but to aide in layering on the information. If your student is an audio learner then Linda Hobar reading each lesson word for word has value. The notebook pages and folder books help with visual and kinetic learners. Some students love to color, others do not, coloring pages are optional. Challenge cards are great for review of the highlights of the information. The Super Supplemental Collection gives a discount by purchasing all the supplements together, if you choose to add them to your studies.
  5. How long does it take to teach? This is a question I struggle answering. My kids completion of work load is more related to their motivation level then the work being completed. If you are not sure, offer to end your school day early with a field trip and see how long it takes for the work to be completed. You do not have to do every assignment in Mystery of History volume 1, tweak to fit your family.
  6. Can I combine with story of the world, classical conversations, or (input another curriculum of choice)? Sure you can. Do I have any experience in combining, no. I can barely keep my thoughts together on one curriculum. But there are a lot of blogs post that share their plans on combining, a quick google search should help.
  7. How does the timeline work? There are directions in the book on how to create you own images for a time line. There are for sale images that are already created. The choices for placing the figures on a time line can be a notebook, sewing board, poster board, or on a wall. This is an area I have really only focused on with my older students.
  8. Can I buy just the audio and reproducible cd and not the book? If you do not purchase the book but just the audio and reproducible cd, you will not have the activities for each lesson. The Reproducible CD only provides pages that the students would write on. The audio is only the reading of the lessons. You would be missing the introduction to the book where Linda Hobar discusses how things work. Please purchase the Companion Guide to have everything you need.
  9. What literature books can you read on the time period? In the back of Mystery of History volume 1 section C is a list of books and videos for each lesson. There is Illuminations that provides study guides based on the time period of Mystery of History. There are blogs with list of books broken down by time period.
  10. Can you teach it to high schoolers? Depend on what your state requires for high school credits. I have used Mystery of History will both of my high school students. For my oldest son, who is currently at college to become a meteorologist, it was a great program to give him the needed facts for history and allowing him time to focus on science. For my daughter she has used Mystery of History volume 1 as a jumping off point to add some other studies to her history. This year with Mystery of History volume 1 she added a mythology study and learning the Greek language.

Update: You can now buy The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1: Creation to the Resurrection at the Kindle store. If you decide to not have a printed copy of the book then you need the The Mystery of History Companion Guide that includes everything but the lessons.

Did I miss a question that you still have? You can reach me on the Facebook group or posting here on my blog.

This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!


  1. How many of the supplemental books do you really need? We live overseas and move quite often, so I try to limit (well, my husband strongly encourages limiting) our books. My boys will have a busy day without addition read-alouds. Is there a must-have list? I have the book and just kind of skimmed over it. Thanks!

  2. Stacey Lane says:

    All the supplements are designed to aid in different learning styles. They are not needed to learning the lessons. If your kids are audio learners buy the audio, visual can do notebook pages, hands-on like folder books. There are many book lists to go with MOH and the time period. I would do a google search and pick which list matches your kids interests. There is also a book list in the back of the MOH book.

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