Mice in the House

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If the title “Mice in the House” hasn’t scared you away…read on.

Ok…I am going out on a ledge here…risking my dignity and your opinions of me. But I am thinking you need a laugh…and I have a story for you.

Maybe I should make you promise that you won’t think anything crazy about me after reading this post.

Mice in the House

Mice in the House

Yes that says “mice” and not “mouse.” We live in the country and are quite used to The Better Mousetrap. Mostly they are active in the fall when the farmer plows the field. Then there is the occasional winter trapping.

But it is February…and we hadn’t seen any mouse activity in a few weeks…until last night.

I awoke to the note in the kitchen from my husband…Red Alert…I saw a mouse by the stove and set a trap. Great…after 20 years of marriage my husband knows…Nothing Says Love More to Me Like Well Maintained Mousetraps! 

The kids and I went about our day not seeing any signs of this current invader. I went to bible study for the evening and got home around 9:30pm. My husband informed that he had just emptied the mousetrap.

Then he goes on to note that it was a black mouse…now we are used to the gray field mouse and the occasional crazy brown mouse. In our neck of the woods the brown mice are notorious for running in the middle of rooms and not along the walls. I drive my husband crazy when he has to set a line of traps to catch them.

I have seen black and white mice in pet stores but never in the wild. I wished they had taken a picture of it before removing the dead carcass…because I am skeptic at heart and wanted proof.

My husband and daughter head to bed while I head to the kitchen. I had soaked cashews earlier in the day and needed to finish making the cheese for our mac and cheese meal the next day.

I assembled all my ingredients and put the cashews in the blender to start the process. After about a minute of pulsing and running the blender…I hear the squeal and flapping of a mouse caught in the trap behind me…over the noise of the blender!

Of course I scream and run to the living room and jump on the ottoman…something about taking to higher ground calms me in a mouse scare. Seriously I know those buggers can climb…so this is solely for me to feel calmer.

My daughter comes running…she has visions that I have sprayed cashews all over the ceiling from the blender.

I keep yelling for my husband…I fear maybe we have only captured part of the mouse…which if you know…leads to them dragging mouse traps around.

My hero…he unhooks from his oxygen machine and comes to my rescue. 

With love in his eyes…he says…I will go ahead and get rid of this so you can finish cooking…instead of leaving it until morning.

While he is doing this amazing job…my daughter jumps on the ottoman and screams there is another one under the stove!

Since my daughter is now occupying my higher ground…I jump up on the bar stool at our kitchen table. Yes folks…in dire circumstances I can jump high enough to reach the bar stool.

My hero returns to the kitchen with 2 screaming females…hearing things like…we are infested…I can’t live here anymore…how did this happen…we have mice in the house! All he can do is reset the mouse trap
and tell us we are overreacting.

Horror movies start flashing before my eyes! I inform them they must help me finish cooking and get me out of the kitchen. I use another bar stool and make a platform to reach the stove. While standing on the bar stool I finish cooking my cashew cheese.

Then…the third mouse runs out from the stove…under my bar stool and right into the mousetrap!

If I was a cat…I am pretty sure I would have my fingernails stuck in the ceiling! I was running out of higher ground. Of course if I was a good cat…I would catch the mouse.

At this point…I am over the edge…3 mice caught in the same trap in a span of 25 minutes. I am thinking we might have set a new world record. If only we had documented it.

Now my mind thinks the mice in the house really hate the sound of the blender. It might take me a day or two to work up the nerve to run that thing again.

Maybe we should start a science experiment and see if we can catch two mice at one time.

Sadly my husband only has an old flip phone…so no photos of this event exist.

**Update…no mice have been seen since the publishing of this blog post. 

This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!


  1. Ticia says:

    Oh my, I can just imagine this whole situation.

  2. Kathie says:

    I saw mice in our kitchen once years ago that were black and white–perhaps they were city mice? (I still cringe when I think about them.)

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