Our Journey with Leg Braces, Part 1

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Journey with Leg Braces

Three months ago when my son’s physical therapist suggested leg braces to help with his toe walking, I knew we were about to embark on a lengthy journey.

I asked some friends if anyone had some book suggestions for a young boy to read about getting leg braces. My son had a ton of questions and I had no answers. It seems no one had any leads on books discussing leg braces, at least none that my research found.

While we waited for doctor appointments and insurance approval, I began praying about ways to prepare my son. Part of the battle with him wearing leg braces would entail breaking the habit of toe walking and helping his brain to take in the new input.

One of my son’s huge comforts in life is his green knitted blanket that he has had since his birth. Green Blankie is an important sidekick to super hero fighting. About two years ago my husband saw a snag in Green Blankie and thought it was best to cut it off. Yes, my dear crafting friends, he cut one of the strings and soon Green Blankie started unraveling in the middle.

Green Blankie

Now I have my comparison to help my son understand this new journey. Just like Green Blankie needs to be repaired so he can last longer, my son needs to wear leg braces to help his leg muscles develop correctly.

I found a blogging friend, Suzanne, in Florida who was willing to mend Green Blankie. Since my son chose camouflage color for his leg braces he also chose a skein of camouflage yarn to repair Green Blankie.

I think this photo says it all on how he felt about shipping his blanket to be repaired.

Leg Braces

Oh the fears entered his mind, what if he gets lost in the mail, how well did I trust this blogger friend, what if someone stole him…My son we have to have faith, we have to do the hard things, and we have to praise Him in the storm.

Thankfully this blogging friend posted updates on my Facebook wall, understanding the stress of their separation. He would ask me everyday to see the photos and updates she provided.

Then the day before he was scheduled to receive his leg braces, Green Blankie arrived in the mail! What a happy reunion! There was Green Blankie with his amazing camouflage band aide.

Being a writer and knitter, my blogging friend sent along an epic tale of the adventures that Green Blankie had while he was in her care. Since there was some yarn left over she knitted an amazing alligator, named Eyes. Oh how important Eyes would become in our journey of wearing leg braces.

He had survived the separation; he was ready to do other harder things…he was looking forward to wearing his leg braces.

Although I am sure buying him crazy leg socks helped, since he could not wear his Dalek socks until he had his leg braces.

Socks for leg braces

Since the writing of this post my son has been admitted to the hospital…Suzanne had this to share on my Facebook status:

I popped on Facebook to see how my Green Blankie friend is doing. Oh dear.  
My heart seems to have been stitched to your little boy, as Camo-Yarn was to Green Blankie. And people think it’s just about yarn.  
I will be praying throughout the day. You may feel alone at times, but you are never alone ever.  

Emmanuel, God is with us. Forever, always, no matter the circumstances. Lean into Him, my friend, and keep leaning. He has broad shoulders and steady feet.

Next week, part 2 of Journey of Leg Braces, where I write about 8 things I wished someone had told me before he started wearing leg braces.

This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!


  1. Kristen says:

    What a great parable of your journey. Derek, Noah and his mom are praying for you to be strengthened. You all are loved!

  2. Erin says:

    What a great story!! I can totally relate since I have a toe walker and braces. Just having a friend that understands and that you can relate to makes the journey less lonely.

  3. laura says:

    My daughter just completed her 5 weeks of serial casting and is now onto braces for her toe walking. Oh man…finding shoes is frustrating. Was wondering how long ago this journey was for you and if you could update us on how it all went

    • Stacey Lane says:

      Well my son is still in leg braces…but just at night…and as long as I don’t seem him on his toes during the day. My biggest observation was that after the first 6 weeks he quickly adapted to running and moving in them. He had to wear them 20 hours a day for 4 months. He still needs therapy to run correctly because he still runs on his tip toes…and I am looking for someone to help him. Another big obstacle for us…ringworm…my son sweats often…and the wet moist environment in the leg braces was perfect for growing stuff…yuck! We are still trying to clear things up.

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