Homeschool Sabbatical

Homeschool Sabbatical 2

Homeschool Sabbatical…Have you ever taken one?

I think my brain is need of a leave of absence from the homeschooling life. Not that I am looking to walk away completely from homeschooling…but 15 years of lesson planning, training children and serving my family can leave a mom looking for some renewal.

Mainly I want to recharge so I can finish this race with my youngest kids as strong as I started it with my older kids. I have 7 more years of homeschooling to go!

But what would a homeschool sabbatical look like?
I sat down with paper and pencil and brainstormed some general ideas.

Homeschool Sabbatical

Homeschool Sabbatical: Brainstorming Ideas

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Mission Field and Medical Field

Mission Field and Medical Field

I used to dream of heading to the mission field, but instead I have landed in the medical field. While I was not asked by the pilot if I was at the correct destination; I have since come to appreciate the similarities needed to serve in both areas.

Similarities to the Mission Field and Medical Field

Why we may never lose our clothing while flying to a far away place, we will find ourselves down to the last pair of clean underwear on an extended hospital stay.

We might never experience a tribal dance but we know the joys of the 94 dance. The magic blood oxygen number that gets us closer to being off oxygen and released from the hospital.

We might not have the joy of reading road signs in a different language but we can read the the numbers on a monitor with one eye closed.

We might not have the knack for learning to say “Hello” in a different language but we can rattle off the acronyms of 20 different medical conditions while discussing a course of action and it can sound like a foreign language. [Read more…]

Adjusting the Homeschool Plan

Adjusting the Homeschool Plan

I am joining the iHomeschool Network this week to discuss “Growing a Success”, whether it be a scientist, writer, doctor, missionary or …

Really, it gives me an opportunity to discuss the tagline of my blog…I Teach the Way They Learn. In other words adjusting the homeschool plan to accommodate gifts and learning delays.

Right now you are probably in one of two places in your home school…Your student knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up OR your student does not have any idea on what they want to study or do after high school.

Adjusting the Homeschool Plan for Knowing What You Want to Be:

My first two children from a young age both knew what area of study they wanted to major in at college. Once they became confident in that decision we began altering their school lessons to reflect those desires.

My oldest son, for example, has always wanted to be a meteorologist. When he was in highschool we made the choice for him to learn Latin. Since science terms comprise a large part of his studies; Latin would serve him best.

Since he was taking AP/Honors science classes we focused on history programs that only provided the basics. Now my son does like history but there is only so many hours in a school day and we focused on his science classes.

I found a Meteorology video series, bought a textbook and outlined a selective course his last year of high school. [Read more…]

9 Things That Summarize My 30 Something Years

30 Something

9 Things That Summarize My 30 Something Years

1. I do not know what biological mishap occurs but one day I realized my upper lip looks like a adolescent young man’s lip. Now a monthly waxing must be added to my calendar.

2. Clearly the cerebrum begins shrinking because Amazon tells me that I have already purchased that ebook and Pinterest reminds me that I have already pinned that page and I honestly have no recollection until they kindly mention it.

3. I reach up to grab a dish on the top shelf and notice a small jiggle under my arm or what is also known as an arm flap. My mind immediately flashes to the photo of the granny with a flag tattooed on her bottom arm. Then I realize that maybe I should be completing my bathroom exercise routine more often.

4. I have begun paying attention to those in their 40s and 50s because the light bulb has gone off and I know bigger changes are going to happen in the next decade of my life. Some how I think it will start with reading glasses

5. I realize that a mid life crisis is like explaining to a first time pregnant women what it is like to give birth. Every mother has a unique birth story but no one can predict how your story will develop. I think every person who struggles with a mid-life crisis does so in their own unique way. I am working on planning my mid life crisis.

6. The biggest lesson I learned in this decade…be a Willow Tree..otherwise if you stay an Oak Tree…you will break. I have learned to pick my battles, cover it with grace and let go of the small things. Maybe it has something to do with being to tired to fight every battle, but I found the value of grace intensifies with age.

7. When you suggest to your soon to be 16 year old daughter, “We could have a birthday party together.” She looks horrified and states very clearly she does not want a party with a bunch of old ladies. In an instant I became the mature, older woman who quickly googled at what age does someone become old. Then you find yourself chasing a squirrel, cause that is what happens when you google things.

8. Enter the trails of chasing squirrels; the internet is loaded with quotes and jokes about turning 40. There are pages of posts with bloggers talking about turning 40. There are gift ideas like a Turning 40 Birthday Candle Hat and party ideas on turning 40. Now I am not sure if I should dread, celebrate or ignore my 40th birthday.

9. I will get no respect from those in their 40s, 50s or 60s reading this post. They will laugh, roll their eyes and mumble that I have no idea what it means to grow old. No one in their 20s will read this, they are still excited about being an adult. That leaves my peer group…other 30 year olds…what do you think? Oh wait it is my birthday technically I just entered a new decade. Hello 40!

Just Remember

Choosing a Word for 2015

Choosing a Word for 2015

Last year my word was squirrel…and boy did I spend my year chasing them.

I am choosing a word for 2015 …STONES!

No, not kidney stones and I am way too old for sticks and stones.

In the Bible, Jesus taught about building on a firm foundation. Honestly, my foundation feels like a broken down wall about to fall over.

If you have been on Facebook or any other social media platform everyone is talking about writing goals for 2015.

Well I would like to confess…I have never written a goal.

I think I have spent the last 20 years with the mind set of I am going to survive. There is my #1 derailment…I just tell myself you can survive this…and there is where I stay…just surviving.

Choosing a Word for 2015: Why Stones?

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Inspired Thanksgiving Giveaway

It’s that time of year where we take a moment to pause and count our blessings.

I have been so blessed by the blogging community that I jumped at the opportunity to bless you the readers of Layered Soul.

Of course your chances to win would be greater if this was just for the readers of Layered Soul, Sorry!

Please follow the directions at the bottom of the post for a chance to win, and maybe the winner will be a reader of Layered Soul.


During this season of Thanksgiving, the Inspired Bloggers Network is full of gratitude for our readers. Without the faithful support of those who follow us on our blogs and social media, we would be unable to do what we love. So, thank you!

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Showing Kindness to Others, Sandpaper People

Randoms Act of Kindness can sometimes include being kind to sandpaper people.

I am joining a group of bloggers who are focusing on Being Kind Counts. What a great chance to focus on showing kindness to others!

I decided it would be fun to brain storm creative ideas on showing kindness to our local community. I know in my area the local christian radio station encourages kindness with their Drive Thru Connection on the first Friday of every month. I knew the kids and I would have great fun with random acts of kindness but then I was hit hard with a different thought.

It would be more of a challenge to show kindness to others by showing kindness to the sandpaper people in my life. Are you familiar with sandpaper people? I remember years ago my friend, Kathy, discussing sandpaper people as those who just rub you the wrong way. Maybe it is a person who complains all the time, or a person who always one ups your activities, or a person who is always right. Maybe it is a person in your family.  I am sure someone just popped into your mind. Tell me I am not alone in having sandpaper people in my life.  [Read more…]

How a Septic Tank Works, for Kids

How a Septic Tank Works, for kids

Why am I writing about how a septic tank works? Well we found out this week that we need to replace ours. If I am going to eat beans and rice for the next 7 months and tear up my back golly we are going to learn how a septic tank works.

When you flush the toilet where does the waste go? This is a great lead into our unit study on septic tanks. I did toy with the idea of starting this unit with the book Where’s the Poop?

How a Septic Tank Works:

  1. How big is the average tank?
  2. How often do you get the tank pumped?
  3. Why do they agitate the tank?
  4. What do they do after the tank is pumped?

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Homeschool Curriculum Advice

Homeschool Curriculum Advice

My homeschool curriculum advice when planning for the new school year…give yourself permission to adapt!

Since it’s the beginning of the school year I felt the need to write a chant on homeschool curriculum advice.

Grab your pom-poms! Are you ready? It’s time to give a YELL!

Homeschool Curriculum Advice Chant

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7 Parenting Ideas to Save Your Sanity

Parenting Ideas

Parenting ideas to save your sanity from a mom who may already have lost her mind.

My friends often chuckle at my parenting ideas. There are many days I think I am going to go crazy parenting my kids. Over the weekend I posted a photo of my newest idea to get my son to purge his desk without whining and scoring dinner in the process.

Then I thought I would share with my blog readers “My Top Parenting Ideas” that have kept me sane over the years. Yes, they might be good for a laugh too. This past year after my son was away for his first semester of college he lovingly shared, “Gee Mom, I didn’t know how weird you were until I moved out.” [Read more…]