5 Activities that Helped Us Homeschool Occupational Therapy

Homeschool Occupational Therapy

Can you homeschool occupational therapy? First I am not a trained Occupational Therapist, but I am a homeschooling mom who has brainstormed and tried ways to address delays in my boys. When my health insurance would not cover OT, I had to figure out ways to help my sons. One book that really has helped  The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder, Revised Edition

My third son was 5 when we had him tested. It was half through the school year when I realized things weren’t going the way they had with my older 2 kids. Now that he is 12 we have benefited from some great activities that helped him address his OT delays. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Helping a Struggling Learner from a Struggling Mother

5 Tips for Helping a Struggling Learner

Are you helping a struggling learner? Of course there are a vast number of reasons why a child struggles with learning and often, behind a struggling learner there is a struggling mother.

My second son, at an early age, struggled with things like blowing bubbles and riding a bike, in addition to his school lessons. I spent months researching ideas to help him learn. This school year I have struggled to help my youngest son understand math. We have spent 2 years trying to master the addition facts. At first I tried some of the tricks that worked for my other son but the gap continued to grow.

So what do you do when “mom is struggling to teach” and “the child is struggling to learn?” When I am struggling to teach, my brain just shuts down and can not focus on new ideas. I feel so defeated. For the past 2 months I found myself working through these tips to help me and my son. [Read more…]

Bible Study for Kids, Meeting Their Different Needs

Meet my band of brothers, this semester they are doing the Grapevine bible study for kids on the Resurrection. We started with the free lesson available for the beginners level on the  Grapevine Studies website. What a great way to test out a new program! [Read more…]

Teaching the Lord’s Prayer to Non-Readers

Lord's Prayer
I have the privilege of co-teaching Sunday school to a group of 3 to 7 year olds. The beauty of the class is the mix of ages and abilities. Our kids don’t have to move up to the next class until they are ready. Since I have been doing this for a few years, it is great joy to watch our special need students blossom in their knowledge of God’s word.

For the first half of the year, we are going to spend a week on each verse of the Lord’s Prayer. Since I am a visual thinker, I like to place pictures above words to help the non-readers in the class recite their scripture verse. Our goal, that they understand the concepts and don’t get hung up on unfamiliar words.

My pictures are simple clip art and I chose ones that I think this age group would understand.

Here are the PDFs for the Lord’s Prayer:





The size will fit onto the sentence strips that are sold at the Dollar Tree. I matted one set of strips onto a foam board with corner mounts. That way we can add the new strip each week.

I just read a great blog post on using moveable visual schedules over at The Inclusive Church blog. I think this will be a great help to our class. If you are looking for a few more activities for the Lord’s Prayer, I found some sites with lapbooks, mini books  and coloring pages. I think I have a few more verses I want to work on for them.

Here is how our church re-did Jr. Church to better serve the needs of all children.


Creative Writing Using Apps for Visual Prompts


Writing Prompts

Creative writing can sometimes be a struggle for students who can not visual a setting. I found my son could describe things better when he actually could see them.

I have been working on incorporating Apps into our homeschool. This week I purchased the Felt Board App by Software Smoothie.  Yes this app is designed for younger students but using it for creative writing as allowed me to expand the grade level of use. Check out the web site for examples of using it to create scenes of items that start with certain letters.

Creative Writing with Felt Board App:

I just loved making scenes that look like a felt board! I then handed it over to my son so he could create his own picture. Within minutes he was making choices on how his scene should look. It was easy for him to navigate the many choices provided.

Once the scene was completed, I propped up the iPad on the table and my son began brain storming about his pirate story.

Having the visual aid really helped to keep my son focused on what details needed to be included in his story. I could then ask him to describe how his pirate looked or where the pirate was standing on the boat. These prompts helped him write better descriptive sentences.

Having the scene for him to see helped to keep him from writing about something else. No need to write about the space scene when the topic sentence is about pirates.

He still has a final draft to go, but he is already talking about the sequel!

Since the App has a photo option we can take a picture of the scene and add it into his typed story.  I see a book in the making!

Even after this creative writing assignment was done, my son would create new scenes and orally told me stories.

You can even get it for android.