Field Trip Ideas for The Mystery of History Volume I

Field Trip Ideas for

The Mystery of History Volume I

The lovely ladies in The Mystery of History Volume I Facebook Group started a field trip ideas thread.

I thought it was a great idea to find easy inspiration for planning field trips. I have categorized by state. I have researched more places to visit. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

These include a wide variety of ages and topics. The topics might help you with keywords to do your own research on your surrounding area.

If you have a great field trip comment or send me a link!

Field Trip Ideas:









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The Mystery of History in a Co-op Setting

The Mystery of History in a Co-op Setting

Would you like to use The Mystery of History in a co-op setting? Since the book is intentionally adaptable to teaching multiple ages, you will find many ways to plan lessons for your co-op.

The following ideas and questions will help you think through what you want to cover in your co-op class. Once you have decided what to cover, then you can decide whether a co-op license or co-op discount will work best.

Ideas for Teaching The Mystery of History in a Co-op Setting:

  • What is the goal for the co-op class?
  • Will it just be simply delivering the lesson content or will you keep grades?
  • Will it be project based, group activities, or individual activities?
  • Will you present all the information or require students to come to class having read the lesson?
  • Do you want to include supplements like coloring pages or notebook pages?
  • Are you going to include extra resources?
  • Include extra literature assignments?
  • How much time do you have to teach?
  • What ages are you teaching?

For example, if you have 1 hour to teach 1st to 4th grade students and your goal is to supplement lessons taught at home, your schedule could include:

  • Go over the highlights of the lessons by doing a group review
  • Select one or two activities from the week to complete
  • Bring in an extra resource like a YouTube video or book
  • Wrap up class by doing map work or a timeline.

Another example, if you have 2 hours to teach 5th to 8th grade and you are not requiring students to do any work outside of class, your schedule could include:

  • Go over the pretest orally, then present the lesson information while students take notes on the notebooking pages
  • Ask follow-up questions or allow kids to offer narration of the material
  • Complete a few activities from the book, and if questions are research based assign them the week before so students can share their thoughts.
  • End class with the wrap activity or quiz

Co-op License or Co-op Discount:

Do you need a co-op license or a co-op discount? The size of your co-op and what you want to teach in co-op will determine which works best.

If you want every student to have their own copy of the book or material, a co-op discount would work best. The co-op discount gives you 30% off an order of 6 or more copies. The teacher can make copies without a license since each family has the material already.

If you are not requiring students to own the material, a co-op license gives the teacher privileges to copy material for students. Each co-op license is for 25 students and includes one copy of the material. If the material is a download, the co-op license is for the teacher only. The download should not be shared with the families.


Number crunching scenarios with co-op license and co-op discount.

Keep in mind that you can buy a co-op license just for the Companion Guide. If you present the material from the lessons and just want to copy pre-test, quizzes, and map work then a co-op license for the Companion Guide would be the best price.

A co-op license on The Mystery of History Volume 1 book would cost: $124.87. Keep in mind you will have to make copies of the book.

A co-op license on The Mystery of History Volume 1 Companion Guide would cost: $62.38. This product contains everything but the lessons.

The website will automatically apply the co-op discount when you select a quantity of six or more. Then you can look at shipping costs. While the website will allow for Media Mail know that large boxes move slower in shipping and have a higher chance of damage.

Tracking Forms for The Mystery of History in a Co-op Setting:

To help make that job easier I created a form, Co-op Tracking Expenses * to help you keep track of who has paid. Could be used for supplies for the class, splitting up the cost of the license, or paying for the group book order. 

* indicates required 


After you have decided what you are teaching, then you just need to gather money from parents to cover the costs of materials.

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Ultimate Guide for Teaching The Mystery of History Vol I

Teaching The Mystery of History Volume I

I would imagine if you are interested in reading this post you must be in planning mode for teaching The Mystery of History. Those days when you are scouring the internet looking for resources and ideas. I hope you find my post a useful timesaver.

Do to copyright you will find material from Bright Ideas Press to be lesson specific but freebies will be topic related. You can read more at the FAQ section on copyright at Bright Ideas Press.

Teaching with The Mystery of History Vol. I

First thing you need to decide are which components of The Mystery of History are you going to complete. Yes, that means you are not expected to do everything mentioned in the book. No, this is not an exhaustive list but it should keep you busy planning for awhile.

If you are brand new I suggest watching this 10 minute video on What Do I Need to Teach The Mystery of History.

Please note: the difference between the 1st and 2nd Edition includes date changes, spelling of Chinese names, updated activities and some lessons have additional information. 

You can always ask your questions live at The Mystery of History Facebook group!

Teaching with The Mystery of History: Atlases

If you are going to do the map work assigned at the end of each week a good atlas can help students complete the assignments.

Teaching with The Mystery of History: Activities

Each lesson in the book has an activity for younger, middle and older students but if you are looking for more hands-on fun…then the following list will help you plan more.

Teaching with The Mystery of History: Audio/E-book

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Online Class for The Mystery of History

Online Class for The Mystery of History

Online Class for The Mystery of History Volume III

This year I had my homeschool mom radar on high alert for opportunities to help me provide all the subjects needed by my students. After weighing the options, I decided on placing one student in the live version and one student in the self-paced.

With the creating of The Mystery of History Online Academy I was excited to think of Linda Lacour Hobar as my personal instructor for history.

I am beyond elated that she will be providing new information and stories not in the book. That she will be clarifying and elaborating on difficult topics found in the lessons.

Mystery of History of Linda Hobar

Now at my house, the number one thing that slows down the homeschool momentum is not having a plan together.

The second…grading papers.

The third...especially homeschooling my boys… would be missed deadlines. Having my sons accountable to someone else for some of their subjects will keep us on track.

Online Class for The Mystery of History: The Plan

  • A syllabus was provided giving the structure of spending 3 days on the lessons.
  • The 4th day for mapwork, timelines, and activities.
  • Then the 5th day would be for watching the class and then taking the online quiz.
  • Over the weekend a chance to read books or watch movies.

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The Mystery of History High School Years

A glimpse at how The Mystery of History high school years worked at my house and questions to ask yourself as you plan your high school history credits.

The Mystery of History High School Years

Homeschool High School

*Please note that different states have different requirements for establishing high school credits. Please check with your state requirements when planning. If your student is college bound then check requirements from colleges they are interested in attending.

The Mystery of History is a world history curriculum. Some states require 2 or 3 credits of world history, and 1 or 2 credits of American history. The big question becomes how do you take a 4 volume series add in the need for an American history credit and create a high school transcript. Combine that with the vastly different ways to document history credits and that leaves homeschool moms wondering the best way to construct their students’ transcripts.

I have another post on how I keep track of assignments for The Mystery of History High School.

Mystery of History High School

Linda Hobar has a scope and sequence PDF for possibilities of order of high school credits.

I firmly believe that high school transcripts should reflect the strengths and interests of the students. I don’t think there is a one size fits all to planning high school history credits. You will notice that I also do not believe that every student needs an AP level course load for every subject.

For this blog post I have 4 students, who might happen to reflect my 4 children. I will describe their interests and goals and how they completed or will complete their history credits. I should also note that each child by the time they entered highschool was on their second rotation with MOH.

The Mystery of History High School Years: Student A

  • Student A is a science guy. He likes history but his goal is to graduate college and become a meteorologist. Since his course load requires classes like pre-calculus and physics, his time is limited for other classes.
  • Yes some families do MOH vol 1 and vol 2 in one year spending a semester on each volume. This works since the lessons are shorter. The Mystery of History vol 4 was not published while he was in high school but could be completed in the Senior year. In our state the requirements are 2 World History and 1 American history credit. Since his senior year was heavy in science he did not take another history credit.

The Mystery of History High School Years: Student B

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Mystery of History volume 1, Activity 1B

When we begin something new, especially something with significant depth, we can anticipate an initial learning curve. New curriculum definitely falls under this category.

When the first activity of the new curriculum finds you overwhelmed…well it is important to find reinforcements.

Mystery of History volume 1 Activity 1B Defining Terms

I have had a few moms over a 6 month time period ask for help in completing the first activity and honestly after attempting a search on the Answer in Genesis website…I get the struggle. The AIG website is loaded with so much information it takes time to find what you are looking for.

If you are teaching the middle grades you might be looking for just the definitions. If you are teaching high school you are looking for more depth to the answers.

I would suggest starting with online sites for definitions. If your student is older or looking for more depth than read one of the articles in the list.

Instead of defining all the terms a student could do an article summary on a few of the terms.

While I do not approve of Wikipedia being a source for documenting in a paper it can be a good place to start your research.

Defining Terms Online:

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The Mystery of History Volume 4 SpaceShip

Mystery of History Volume 4

It’s spring and I am trying to finish a school year and plan another…my brain is overwhelmed.

But has our school year comes to a close, I do like to look back and try to evaluate the successes and failures.

WARNING* Looking back to evaluate the school year might lead to an enormous amount of mom guilt. You might need a plan on dealing with it or else you will find yourself taking on a project…and I do not mean just an ordinary project.

We are near the end of The Mystery of History Volume IV and the content matter has been challenging to my younger kids. Thankfully I focused on exposure to the topics and not mastery of content. I do love exposure because you never know when a spark will light a passion for a new topic.

So when the spark for a new passion collides with the guilt of a mom who did not complete many projects with her kids over the school year…well this happens.

The Mystery of History volume 4 Spaceship

In the corner of my front yard now resides a spaceship! Thanks to the lesson of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

  • Why yes I did drag a huge tractor tire home that was found abandoned on the side of the road.
  • Then I spray painted it silver. I found an old trampoline frame and spray painted it silver too.
  • The old frame just happened to fit perfectly on top of the tire.
  • While shopping at the local garden center I found 2 Victorian gazing balls on clearance that really resemble planets when placed next to a spaceship.
  • I think sand makes the best ground cover for any planet you would like to visit. It is a great way to leave your footprints behind.
  • Do not forget to name your spaceship. Vinyl stickers finished our project on the US.Atlantis.

Now I am sure if there was an award for the most craziest, unusual, project to complete while studying The Mystery of History volume 4…I would win…or at least get honorable mention.




World History Writing Prompts

World History Writing Prompts

When teaching my older kids writing we used Write Shop and 7Sisters guides to cover the needed aspects of writing.

With my younger kids who struggle with different aspects of learning I have found writing to be at the bottom of our school list. I have decided to spend the last quarter of school focusing on writing while other subjects like math go into review mode. This is a method I do often when I feel we have not had enough time on certain subject.

Then I chose world history writing prompts to be the focus of our writing. We are using The Mystery of History Volume IV and this will be a great way for them to process the serious topics covered in the book.

World History Writing Prompts

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The Mystery of History volume 4, CC and NP

First I want to provide a quick picture tutorial on printing The Mystery of History volume 4 Challenge Cards, and yes this will work with the other volumes.

(If you are here to for notebooking pages scroll down)

How to Print The Mystery of History volume 4 Challenge Cards

Printing Challenge Cards

I have a love hate relationship with technology. If you have found yourself completely stressed by getting the challenge cards to match-up I hope these two phrases will help.

In the printer settings change the options to Short Edge and Actual Size. 

Short Edge

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Mystery of History and Grapevine Timeline


Timelines with Grapevine Studies to review The Mystery of History volume I.

(From January 28th to February 3 2015 everything at Grapevine Studies is 50% off)

I am timeline challenged. After 15 years of homeschooling we just completed our first time line. While I do think time lines are great learning chances, you can send your child to college without ever completing one. Since I have 9 more years of homeschooling, I am pacing myself.

My struggles with timelines:

  • Deciding where to put people on the line. Do you do it by birth date, death date or another date
  • Deciding which events to add.
  • Keeping track of the project for the whole school year.
  • Which method do you use; sewing board, poster board, notebook, or on the wall?

I knew if I was going to help my kids complete a timeline I had to:

  • Keep it simple
  • Complete it in a day
  • Allow it to be sloppy
  • Have some structured directions

After completing the first semester test for Mystery of History volume 1, I ordered the Grapevine bible study timeline of the Old Testament.

Now Grapevine Studies come in the notebook format. Personally I like to see the actual timeline all at once. I copied the odd number pages since the timeline was double sided. Then I had my boys cut out each scroll, complete the drawings, and tape them together to form one long timeline. [Read more…]