Hiding Homeschool Supplies, 7 Tips to Help the House Look Like a Home

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Small house living doesn’t come with the luxury of having a schoolroom, although I have come to embrace “house schooling.” We utilize every room in our house for school purposes. These are my favorite 7 ideas that help me hide homeschool supplies and the mess so I can enjoy some brief moments of a “normal” home. Really by “normal” I mean it doesn’t look like school exploded on every flat surface.

Hiding Homeschool Supplies

Drop leaf table for school. For years cleaning up school to eat lunch or even dinner because the only table we had was the kitchen table always bothered me. I love that this table can be pulled into the middle of the living room and be opened to sit 4 people. We have a set of 4 stackable stools to go with it. Usually my youngest 2 sons just pop up the one side to do their work.

Drop Leaf School Table
Oil pan used as magnetic board. When you remove all the school magnets the reflective oil pan takes on a modern look.
• I love the bookcases from Ikea. I don’t always enjoy looking at the mess that is left behind from school supplies. My budget was a little low to splurge for the bins that fit each cube. I found that a canvas photo holder from Initials called a “Know it All” covered up 6 of the cubes. I had my husband tie this to the cube with some string. My kids can easily flip up the canvas to get to their stuff. Then I only had to buy 2 cubes for the top. At the moment I have some photos in the sleeves, but I am thinking about adding some art work, still working on how I want this to look.

Bookcase Covering

China Cabinet to Hide School Supplies


• Convert a China Cabinet to a school cabinet. I actually converted this cabinet over a few years ago but the glass fronts left the repeated mess highly visible. I bought some material, sewed some straight lines, and then hot-glued Velcro to the curtains and hot-glued Velcro to the inside of the cabinet. Then I was able to attach the curtain on the inside and cover up the homeschool supplies.

• Cabinet that hides the computer. Not a new idea but I love how this small space became our computer spot. The down side, that door in the picture leads to the bathroom, and yes the person on the computer has to move to allow access to the bathroom. Thankfully we have 2 bathrooms.

Computer Cabinet

Cheap White Board



•Large erase board behind china cabinet. I found that buying white board from a home improvement store was cheaper then other white boards. I did have my husband trim one side down, this the sheet is fairly large. Even trimmed this board is 6 feet tall. This board slides behind the china cabinet and can lean against any wall in my house for lessons.


Piano and TV• Charts and posters behind the piano. Since I didn’t have room in my living room for a piano and an entertainment cabinet I combined the two items. Then I discovered some great space behind the piano for all our poster boards.





Do you have any great ideas on hiding homeschool supplies and the mess? Leave me a comment, I am always looking at how to best utilize my small space.

This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!


  1. Stacey, These are such great ideas! I’m sure they will get creative juices flowing for folks who hadn’t thought of ways like this to store things!

    • Stacey says:

      Carol Anne, I love when you stop by 🙂 Thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. Kelly says:

    These are GREAT ideas!! We also are VERY short on space, I feel your pain! My hubby installed shelving above our bathroom doors, kitchen door (for cookbooks), and above the kids closet doors. Bed risers are awesome to give more storage under the bed. We have kept a clear plastic table cloths on our kitchen table for 12+ yrs now….we have had under the clear plastic – maps, poems, state capital chart, math facts, newspaper or magazine clippings that I want them to read, posters, & we have even pressed flowers….wipes clean! I usually buy a new one about every year…. if company is coming – throw a fabric tablecloth over it & it disappears…..On the back of the bathroom door I like to put lists, charts, maps, things to memorize, etc….

  3. Kate says:

    These are some awesome and creative ideas! I’d love to hear some tips from people who are homeschooling a LOT of children – I have 7 who are being homeschooled and 1 doing distance learning college. We have no choice but to use our massive (seats 16-ish) dining room table for everything from eating to schooling to projects since it’s the only table we have and the only one that will fit everyone. 🙂 This means we have bookshelves and our big computer desk in our dining room. Not exactly Martha Stewart approved LOL. There is only room for two of the normal sized bookshelves – no cute IKEA stuff. We have 3 Apprentices from Staples and they sit lined up along the wall. It’s usually “neat” enough but not at all pretty. I need a Homeschool Makeover Fairy to come visit!!

    • Stacey says:

      Yes and hopefully the fairy comes with spending budget! I saved for about 2 years to fund my Ikea shopping spree. Sometimes just purging the house can help when you have lots of people in a small space.


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