5 Things I Learned From Our House Robbery

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House Robbery

My prayer would be that no one reading this post would have to experience the act of having your house robbed, but this is how we handled that ugly event this week at my house.

It started on Monday morning. I awoke to the thought that I am not going to hate Mondays anymore. I realized how much I had begun to grumble about this pesky day week after week.

Now my oldest son had just graduated high school on Saturday and had his party on Sunday, so we were a little extra exhausted from the weekend.

We had dental cleanings scheduled for the afternoon, so our plan was to stop by the bank, deposit my son’s graduation gift money, and then go the dentist’s office.

Probably 2 miles from the house my son informed me that he had forgotten his money for the deposit to which I responded, “oh well, we can go to the bank on Wednesday.”

When we got home and entered our front door my children quickly noticed the TV was gone. I instructed them to get out of the house NOW, I grabbed the phone, and we exited the way we came in.

Then my mind started racing…Are they still in my house? What else did they take? Do I call 911?

I dialed 911 and asked them. I figured they would know what I needed to do. They took my information and instructed us to wait outside for the police to arrive.

When the police arrived we had to walk around our house and identify all the items that were missing. The biggest blow was that the graduation gift money was gone.

Now this is where we try to avoid the “what if’s”…what if I had turned around…what if he had not forgotten…what if…Yes, it’s not good to dwell on this.

I knew I couldn’t spend the evening focused on what was missing so we walked around the house again and focused on all the items we still had. I don’t really think there is a big resale market for a half built model of the Arizona battleship but my youngest son was most thankful to still have it.

I remember the first mission trip I sent my oldest son on. He was going with our church youth group to help kids with an inner city project down south. We had gotten instructions to only pack plain t-shirts, no words were allowed. Well our family really likes red t-shirts; ok this momma really likes her kids in red t-shirts, helps to not lose kids on trips.

About 3 days into the mission trip my son calls home. He informs me that he couldn’t wear his red t-shirts, as it would identify him as being part of one of the local gangs. Enter again the racing thoughts of a mother.

All I could think to mumble was, “Well just keep wearing the yellow one and pray no one notices how bad it smells.” After we hung up the phone…I stood in my kitchen and thought…”As much as I say these children are mine…They are yours Oh, my Lord…help me to trust your plan.”

This week I am standing in my kitchen helping my children understand that our home is like the mission field. I can’t truly keep them safe or keep bad things from happening, but we can trust that God has us in His hand.

5 Things I learned from our house robbery:

1. Having the serial numbers of your electronics on file helps the police identify stolen objects that get pawned.
2. Take time to give thanks for items left behind.
3. Realize people process and grieve differently. Keep checking in with family members about how they are doing.
4. Have a family meeting to prioritize what gets replaced first. It has helped with processing what has happened.
5. Keep reminding my children that like the missionaries we read about and support, our safety is not guaranteed but we can trust God to carry us through difficult times.

This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!


  1. Oh, Stacey, I am so sorry for the lessons you ‘had to learn’ through this… It’s hard when someone invades our home, our lives. It is a beautiful way to remember God’s grace, mercy and sovereignty – and that rust and moths are nothing compared to being violated. We’ve been there – in a similar way. Praying protection and quiet hearts as you all head. And yes – we all heal and grieve in different ways. You are a very wise mom – I know you will walk this path with your children in a way that helps each of them grow.

  2. Stacey, having been through it too, actually walking in on it with my son who at the time was 12, I totally understand what you have been through. It is good that you found an outlet by writing about it. And how true to remember the things we still have and be grateful for them. I know that day, having just heard about a family held at gunpoint in town the night before and feeling this could be related (as it was a small town with VERY little crime and rarely anything of this sort) that we needed to be grateful to be alive. He could have shot us on his way past us on the stairs. I hope you have some luck with your homeowners insurance to get some of what you lost replaced. I know that if you are missing things of sentimental value (which was basically everything they stole of mine as it came from my deceased Mom) that is very hard and they did not cover the monetary value of it either.


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