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How to Manage Your Mouth, A Review

How to Manage Your Mouth

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Being the mom of three boys who love slap stick comedy there is a very thin line with humorous words and hurtful words. How do I teach them discernment with speech?

At our house “goober” is a term used for those crazy mistakes that are made. No one gets upset, we laugh and carry on. Call someone at my house an “idiot” and war and crying will happen.

Of course there are just ugly times when words are chosen to tear down. Sometimes the words were said for slap stick humor but the receiver took them to heart.

When I was presented with the opportunity to review (Affiliate link) How to Manage Your Mouth. my interest was high. [Read more…]

USA License Plate Game with Extra Ideas

Most of us have played the USA License Plate Game. Moms and Dads for years have needed plenty of ideas to keep kids entertained on long road trips.

Last week while shopping at out local thrift store my boys found a Melissa and Doug USA License Plate Game for a $1. I knew we didn’t have any road trips planned but who could turn down such a great educational deal!

After a few days, my kids and I started inventing extra ideas on playing with our new game.

USA License Plate Game

USA License Plate Game Interview Friends and Family:

My youngest son came up with 2 questions and used the game board as a way to document the answers.
Have you traveled through the state? He would flip the license plate to show.
Do you want to visit the state? He chose red for a “no” answer and blue for a “yes” answer.
Then he photographed the game board when he was done. It has been a great hands-on and visual way for him to document an interview.

We now plan on questioning friends and family over the holidays and seeing who has done the most traveling. After the holidays I might use the photos for some writing prompts. [Read more…]

The Mystery of History High School Credit

Mystery of History High School

Each state requires different criteria for establishing high school credits. Please note this is not an exact guideline but a glimpse into how I used Mystery of History volume 1 for a high school credit. 

Linda Hobar goes into great detail on ways to break down the time needed for using Mystery of History for high school credit. 

The following list includes the criteria of assignments. The goal is to spend 4 to 5 hours a week on (affiliate link) Mystery of History high school credit.

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