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Bright Ideas Press Sale


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Homeschool Prayer

HomeSchool Prayer

HomeSchool Prayer

After a hard day of school, I find I need to take a moment to remember the big picture of why I do this. I woke-up yesterday morning with these thoughts in my mind so I took a moment to write them down. I included a PDF download; print it out and hide it in a pile of papers. I am sure some day in the future you will find it again at the right moment when you need to read it. [Read more…]

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Notebook pages for MOH 3

Notebook Pages

FINALLY!! What you have been asking for…Mystery of History Volume 3 Notebook Pages.

But wait…Bright Ideas Press will be holding a Black Friday sale. Sign up for their newsletter to get the code. If I knew it I would share it now, sorry.

If you are looking for folder books for Mystery of History volume 3 stay tuned. Currently the files are at the editors so hopefully by the end of the year they will be ready for sale. Then the Super Supplemental for MOH 3 will be complete! [Read more…]

Celebrating Christmas on a Budget

Celebrating Christmas on a budget, a zero budget to be exact.

Now if you are going to continue reading this blog post, you must first agree to not tell my husband or children anything about this blog post. Only my oldest son reads my blog, so I won’t be mentioning any of his gift ideas.

Normally celebrating Christmas on a budget consists of money for gifts, cards, and special food. I am skipping Christmas cards this year and special food. We might be able the week of Christmas to use money from our normal grocery budget for some fun food.

Since I usually start Christmas shopping in September, we have already discussed how we are doing things differently this year. “The Great Christmas Challenge of 2013” spend no money on gifts for the family. Items in the house or sheds currently not being used can be repurposed into gifts. We will give one gift to each person. Group efforts can be combined.

I am thinking about awarded prizes; categories for most unique, most practical, most creative, and most meaningful.
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Mystery of History Folder Book Vol. 1

Mystery of History Folder book

Did you know that Mystery of History Folder book contains answer keys for the mini books? Each figure has notes already typed and ready to be taped into the mini books. This is great for younger students, reluctant writers, or for completing a folder book in a morning. I decided in reviewing the first quarter we would spend the morning constructing (affiliate link) The Mystery of History folder book.

Over the past year I have gotten really carried away with note booking pages. Doing notebook pages and folder books can be overwhelming. I don’t recommend trying to do both since the goal for both is taking notes on the lesson. [Read more…]