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My Pumpkin Book, Exploring Science, Math and Creation

My Pumpkin Book

My Pumpkin Book, printable pages to explore science and math concepts.

I am often torn between following our curriculum and taking a break to base our studies on seasonal activities. Then my friend starts forwarding me great blog posts like Science with Pumpkin Decomposition. Oh the choices of homeschooling!

Then my dear friend finally made a connection between our curriculum and the season. We are just completing unit 2 of  Christian Kids Explore Creation Science. We have spent the last 5 weeks studying the first 5 days of creation. I have a blog series on the Bright Ideas Press Blog on how we are using the creation science book in a co-op.  [Read more…]

7 Days of Creation Project, Lego style

7 Days of Creation Project

Since our history and science curriculmns overlap often, completing a 7 Days of Creation project was a great combination to both subjects. (Affiliate Links) We are using the Mystery of History and Christian Kids Explore Creation Science.

I found the Lego green and blue boards to be great foundations for building the 7 days of creation project. Since days 1, 2, and 4 don’t really require building our Lego building focus was on plants, land animals, and sea creatures.

I broke this project down into a few different days. One day the boys built plants and tress, the next day sea creatures, and then land animals. Once they had a stock pile of living items they were ready to photograph each day of creation. [Read more…]

Biology 101 Series, Units 1 & 2

Biology 101 Series

For my daughter’s high school science credit, she is using the Biology 101 Series.  I do enjoy the frame work of the provided lesson plans.

Currently my daughter has no desire to continue science beyond the credits she needs to graduate high school. I find with the Biology 101 Series I can offer her a solid foundation without getting bogged down with heavy scientific procedures.

I wanted to share the extra resources I found on the web to enrich our science studies. Currently we have completed the first 2 units, Introduction to Life and Plants. Future blog posts will contain the other units. [Read more…]

Life of Fred Butterflies, Extra Activities

LIfe of Fred Butterflies
We have completed Life of Fred Apples and almost have Life of Fred Butterflies done.

No one at my house likes math. Life of Fred has introduced some math humor into our learning.

I do agree with the author about math being more then memorizing math facts, but my kids really need more practice to remember the concepts.

I have also signed up to EdHelper for extra math pages. Really it has saved me time scouring the Internet for free math pages. I add these pages to his math notebook. I would also recommend signing up to Free Homeschool Deals. Often there are addition and subtraction activities for free. I have gotten a few games and lap books by reading the daily deals. [Read more…]

Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids

Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids

We are moving right along with our Mystery of History lessons, except there isn’t a fun history project in sight. Actually not one history project has been attempted. We have been focusing on science, grammar, and writing. When I look at those areas I am encouraged with the progress.

If you stop by often at Layered Soul, then you know how much we love projects. But I don’t want you to think we do amazing projects in every subject every day. Trust me…we don’t. [Read more…]

Moon Phase Cookie Project, Gluten and Dairy Free

Moon Phase Cookie Project

Boys + food + school = happy learning. I am always looking for ways to work this formula.

Most people are familiar with the moon phase cookie project where Oreo cookies are used to demonstrate the phases of the moon. In order to serve this snack, I needed to come up with a gluten and dairy free option.

Thankfully one of the fondant recipes my daughter uses in her cupcake business is gluten and dairy free.

I really love the simplicity of the marshmallow fondant recipe. It takes about 15 minutes to make. [Read more…]