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High School Economics Unit Plan for 1/2 Credit

High School Economics Unit Plans

High School Economics Unit Plan

These are my high school economics unit plan for this coming semester. Please note some of these resources are controversial and are not meant for younger audiences. Some of Stossel’s clips mention sex, some of the movie choices are rated PG-13, and not everyone agrees on money, religion, and politics. I fully expect my co-op to wrestle with these topics, I planned it that way.

High School Economics Unit Plan: Resources

I am teaching a 13 week 2 hour co-op on Economics. I plan to start each class with Life of Fred. We will do 3 chapters a week to complete the book. Then we will watch Economics for Everybody and answer the questions from the study guide orally. Each video lesson averages about 20 minutes. Next we will watch the 10 minute clips from Stossel in the classroom and use some of the lesson guides for taking notes. [Read more…]

Mystery of History and GrapeVine Bible Study

Mystery of History and Grapevine Bible Study

Finishing up my final school plans. Last on the list, deciding how to combine Mystery of History (Affiliate link) with GrapeVine Bible study. (Affiliate link)

I have never been a fan of combining curriculum, mainly because I get overwhelmed teaching one. I can’t imagine taking parts from 2 or 3 to complete, but my kids fell in love last year with stick drawing their bible study.

How to organize Mystery of History Vol. 1 and GrapeVine Old Testament Overview to flow together.

• GrapeVine Old Testament bible study has 46 lessons divided over 4 separate books. That’s not counting Lesson 1 of each book that covers the timelines.

• Mystery of History has 36 weeks of 3 lessons a week.

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Photographs of a WoodPile and a Dryer


Do you have a picture of a woodpile in your house? How about a picture of a dryer? Oh, I don’t mean lying in a drawer somewhere…but hanging in a frame on your living room wall.

I had a dear friend who kept a picture of a woodpile on the bookshelf in her living room. I use “kept” since she lost her battle to cancer a few years ago. I remember visiting her at her house one day and noticing this photo of the wood pile.

“Terry, why do you have a photo of a wood pile?” It had peaked my interest since the woodpile was just an average pile of wood next to a house, nothing photogenic about it. [Read more…]

8 Tips for Keeping Your Faith at College

Keeping Faith at College

I just looked at the calendar, 7 days…I have 7 days until my son moves out. After homeschooling for 14 years, we have attained the prize; he has become a college freshman. He is embarking on a new journey and I have one desire for him…That he keeps his faith at college. 

In 4 years when he walks across the stage to receive his degree in Atmospheric Science that he will still have a strong walk with the Lord.

Over the past few months I have been able to listen to different groups of college students give out advice to the incoming freshmen class on faith at college. I quietly took notes and listened. [Read more…]