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10 Signs You Are Visiting a Tightwad’s House

10 signs of a Tightwad

*Note there is a difference between a tightwad and a cheapskate.

Have you ever visited a home and wondered if you could talk about saving money? Here are 10 signs that you have entered a tightwad’s house.

10 Signs You Are in a Tightwad’s House [Read more…]

Organizing My Homeschool Planning, Lists to Help Keep Me on Task

Homeschool Planning

*Cue the Rocky Theme Song…It’s homeschool planning time!

I am a homeschool momma in training…Homeschool Planning Training! I am taking a moment to organize and create lists of what I need to plan for the coming school year.

I have 2 long hot summer months to achieve an organized and planned school year. Three cheers for extra daylight hours!

Spending the last 6 weeks gathering supplies leaves my office looking like a library being relocated. Really don’t touch the piles…this is the beginning of homeschool planning training.

I really needed to organize my planning, so I created some simple lists for organizing my planning sessions. If you are looking for lists on homeschool planning that includes lesson planning try Jamerrill’s list over at FreeHomeschoolDeal.

Now here is when the lists start to multiply and, I fear, take over any thoughts of a fun summer. [Read more…]

Handling Sensory Issues and Haircuts

Sensory Issues and Haircuts

How I have had to learn to handle sensory issues and haircuts.

Personally I don’t hate getting my haircut, but I can’t stand to have my hair washed. My family never understood why it drove me crazy but there is something about my head being wet and my body being dry that overloads my senses. Thankfully I can skip the hair wash and just get the haircut.

When my oldest was a baby, I learned how to do basic boy’s haircuts. This skill has served me well, since my younger two boys have sensory issues and haircuts can become a stressful event. Here’s a list of 20 tips for helping with sensory issues and haircuts.

Now that my boys are older and want more stylish cuts, they need someone else to cut their hair. Nothing produces anxiety like telling them today is the day they are going to get their haircut. [Read more…]

5 Things I Learned From Our House Robbery

House Robbery

My prayer would be that no one reading this post would have to experience the act of having your house robbed, but this is how we handled that ugly event this week at my house.

It started on Monday morning. I awoke to the thought that I am not going to hate Mondays anymore. I realized how much I had begun to grumble about this pesky day week after week.

Now my oldest son had just graduated high school on Saturday and had his party on Sunday, so we were a little extra exhausted from the weekend.

We had dental cleanings scheduled for the afternoon, so our plan was to stop by the bank, deposit my son’s graduation gift money, and then go the dentist’s office.

Probably 2 miles from the house my son informed me that he had forgotten his money for the deposit to which I responded, “oh well, we can go to the bank on Wednesday.”

When we got home and entered our front door my children quickly noticed the TV was gone. I instructed them to get out of the house NOW, I grabbed the phone, and we exited the way we came in. [Read more…]