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Giving to Charities on a Limited Budget

Giving to Charities on a Limited Budget
Do you have a plan for giving to charities? Do you get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to do? Do you wonder how to provide for your own family when you can see the needs of others?

The recent F5 tornado in Oklahoma…Super Storm Sandy in New Jersey…Neighborhood Homeless Shelter…Local Food Bank…and the list could go on.

In these days of multiple social media platforms, the world can seem much smaller. A quick look on Facebook and you could probably find a friend of a friend who is experiencing great loss in this current weather tragedy.

We don’t like to talk about planning for funerals or who will get custody of our children in the event of our own passing but our logic tells us we should. [Read more…]

Bathroom Exercises to Help Clean the Bathroom

Bathroom Exercises

This is the ultimate Bathroom Exercises for the multi-tasker, Type A, overachiever who needs to get a lot done in 15 minutes. Or the mom who doesn’t have time for cleaning and exercising. Amazingly,  checking the box of cleaning a whole room in my house, exercising and praying spurs me to keep on battling my “to do list.”

Gather your cleaning supplies. Get your yoga pants on, if you don’t already have them on. Turn on your favorite praise music.

Since my bathroom is small I put my yoga mat in the hallway outside of the bathroom for the floor exercises.

Bathroom Exercises for Cleaning:

Squirt toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and close the lid. [Read more…]

Sending Your Christian Students to Secular Colleges

As a homeschooling momma standing on the edge of sending her first born out into the world…my knees are slightly shaking. I am joining the ranks of parents sending Christian students to secular colleges.

My prayers recently have been…Lord show me what I need to discuss with my son before sending him to college.

Christian Students to Secular Colleges

This past weekend at a homeschool conference a nice gentleman put this book in my hands; Fish Out of Water, Surviving and Thriving as a Christian on a Secular Campus by Abby Nye.

I read the whole book in 2 days. I even found myself with highlighter in hand, marking important sentences. [Read more…]

The Great Depression Hands On Activities

Hands On Activities

The Great Depression hands on activities: photographing our life, building Hoovervilles, and eating spam for lunch.

It’s interesting when your history studies get closer to time periods you remember your grandparents talking about. I am sure in a few weeks it will get stranger teaching them about the 1980’s.

After our friendly competition in the stock market game in our last All American History JR lesson it was interesting to see how this one event affected the economy. [Read more…]