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5 Activities that Helped Us Homeschool Occupational Therapy

Homeschool Occupational Therapy

Can you homeschool occupational therapy? First I am not a trained Occupational Therapist, but I am a homeschooling mom who has brainstormed and tried ways to address delays in my boys. When my health insurance would not cover OT, I had to figure out ways to help my sons. One book that really has helped  The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder, Revised Edition

My third son was 5 when we had him tested. It was half through the school year when I realized things weren’t going the way they had with my older 2 kids. Now that he is 12 we have benefited from some great activities that helped him address his OT delays. [Read more…]

Captivated the Movie, A Review With A Notebook Page

Captivated Movie Review

Captivated the movie, Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture 

The word “captivated” means wonder and delight or strongly attracted. This documentary really wants you to stop and ask yourself, what is my heart strongly attracted to or what am I taking my delight in?

That was the opening thought to the small group of teens I assembled to watch Captivated the movie. The first question was how much screen time do you consume a day? Which led into what counts for screen time, video games, TV, computer, or cell phones. Then the questions became do we count screen time that is only for enjoyment or do we count time that counts for schoolwork? I didn’t have them share their answers; I mainly wanted them to have an idea of where they were on screen time usage before we began the movie. [Read more…]

Place Value Cups, 8 Ideas on How to Use Them

Teaching Place Value with cups

Have you ever found a great DIY project and then wonder what to do with it? Or a great homeschool idea that looks great on Pinterest but leaves you thinking long and hard on how to teach it.

In my quest to teach place value to my youngest son, I found directions on how to construct place value cups. The basic idea for place value cups is to use Styrofoam cups and labels them with numbers. I loved the visual and hands-on aspect of this, although I did tweak it. I used a cup for each comma that was needed. Since I have been correcting 12,39 or 4567,98 recently, I wanted a clear visual on 3 numbers grouped together then the comma. [Read more…]

Hiding Homeschool Supplies, 7 Tips to Help the House Look Like a Home

Small house living doesn’t come with the luxury of having a schoolroom, although I have come to embrace “house schooling.” We utilize every room in our house for school purposes. These are my favorite 7 ideas that help me hide homeschool supplies and the mess so I can enjoy some brief moments of a “normal” home. Really by “normal” I mean it doesn’t look like school exploded on every flat surface.

Hiding Homeschool Supplies

Drop leaf table for school. For years cleaning up school to eat lunch or even dinner because the only table we had was the kitchen table always bothered me. I love that this table can be pulled into the middle of the living room and be opened to sit 4 people. We have a set of 4 stackable stools to go with it. Usually my youngest 2 sons just pop up the one side to do their work. [Read more…]

Homeschool Bible Study on Resurrection Part 2

You can read my first blog post on how I am working on different learning styles and see the first verse I created for this study.

*Update…my how my boys have grown! Currently I am teaching this study to my nieces…and I love the look on their faces when I wash their feet too.

My boys are still talking about the washing of their feet we did in our first lesson with our homeschool bible study. This week we continued our Grapevine Resurrection with Lesson 2 on Gethsemane.  I started the lesson with practicing how to say Gethsemane. For my boys this was the first time saying this word.  My oldest boy took over reading the verses while we traced and drew the pictures. I am still enjoying the traceable lessons. It really helps working with fine motor skills.

Homeschool Bible Study, Hands-on Activity

Each lesson I try to find a hands-on activity, my boys remember best this way. For this activity I had my youngest boy gather rocks from our yard. Using a paint marker we added the word “JOY” to each of their rocks. You might use a different word to paint on your rock, I wanted the boys to grasp the “JOY” of praying, even in difficult situations. Then I had the middle boy pick a place in the house that we could pretend was the garden of Gethsemane. We pretended to walk to the garden, we put our rocks in a pile and we prayed. [Read more…]

Poetry, Photography and Leonard Nimoy


Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy! March 26 marks the celebration of his 82nd birthday. In most households Leonard Nimoy represents the Vulcan race in Star Trek The Original Series, but most people born after 1975 might be unaware of his other accomplishments as an author, photographer, and director.

After reading “I am Spock” and following the two voices in the book, one being Spock’s and the other Leonard Nimoy’s, I found myself mixing the 2 voices in writing this post.

“Poetry by my Favorite Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy”

How would a poem by a Vulcan sound? I believe it would read like an instruction manual that rhymes. [Read more…]