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2:1 Conference, Wearing my 2 Hats

2 1 con

The traveling season is almost ready to begin! My first stop, the 2:1 Conference in Virginia.

Since I work for a homeschool publisher, blog about homeschooling, and homeschool my own kids this conference represents all of my favorite things.

At 2:1 Conference you will find me wearing 2 hats.

Most of the time I will have my Bright Ideas Press hat on. Right now I am getting some great swag items together cause I know how much bloggers love their swag bags. Mainly I will be available at the Bright Ideas booth to answer any questions about Mystery of History, Illuminations, or All American history. Come find me! I may have some chocolate goodies to share.

Layered Soul

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5 Tips for Helping a Struggling Learner from a Struggling Mother

5 Tips for Helping a Struggling Learner

Are you helping a struggling learner? Of course there are a vast number of reasons why a child struggles with learning and often, behind a struggling learner there is a struggling mother.

My second son, at an early age, struggled with things like blowing bubbles and riding a bike, in addition to his school lessons. I spent months researching ideas to help him learn. This school year I have struggled to help my youngest son understand math. We have spent 2 years trying to master the addition facts. At first I tried some of the tricks that worked for my other son but the gap continued to grow.

So what do you do when “mom is struggling to teach” and “the child is struggling to learn?” When I am struggling to teach, my brain just shuts down and can not focus on new ideas. I feel so defeated. For the past 2 months I found myself working through these tips to help me and my son. [Read more…]

How to Create Maps for Lessons on Mountain Ranges using WonderMaps

Lesson Plan on Mountain Ranges

This week I decided to take a brief break from All American History and plan a mini unit on mountain ranges. I wanted to use WonderMaps and demonstrate how to create a cropped map.

First I gathered a pile of library books on mountain ranges to get my kids reading and thinking about the new topic. Then when I start to introduce mountain ranges they have some facts or ideas to add to the discussion.

Second I brainstorm hands-on ideas and create notebook pages on the topic. Since this mini unit needs maps I grabbed my copy of WonderMaps. [Read more…]