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Flow Chart for When Mom’s Away and the Kids Have Questions

Mom's Away Flow Chart

Not too sure if my kids have read a flow chart before, but after this printable creation, they have. At my house my kids have been known to walk past their father and hunt me down to ask a question. They have, in the past, called and texted me on my phone to ask a question. For some strange reason asking their father doesn’t pop in their mind often. [Read more…]

Art Lessons Made Easy in 3 Steps

Art Lessons

Over the Christmas break I was blessed to be given a bag of art supplies. These art supplies allowed for a change in our art lessons. I am not a trained art teacher, but I have a love for the arts. I can be found searching the web late at night on ideas for art lessons. I had already spent the art budget on pastel chalk supplies and the girls had been working on many pastel projects.

How fast could I come up with new art lessons on acrylic paints? How could I pull off art lessons without spending money on art curriculum? [Read more…]

Bible Study for Kids, Meeting Their Different Needs

Meet my band of brothers, this semester they are doing the Grapevine bible study for kids on the Resurrection. We started with the free lesson available for the beginners level on the  Grapevine Studies website. What a great way to test out a new program! [Read more…]

Deciding on a Career for Kids

Dream Job
Although it may be a little early to decide on a career for kids, it’s not too early to cultivate their desires. How many times have your children said, “When I grow up I want to be…” [Read more…]

Saving Coins a Family Project

Saving Coins

Do you have goals for saving coins this year? Where do you save coins? Are you the old school type who saves coins in a piggy bank? Maybe you have gone hi-tech and save coins in a container that keeps track of the amount. Sometimes you need a repurpose for that washed gallon Ziploc bag or you can’t stand all the coins mixed together and need a container that stores them separate. Maybe you are putting to use a cute homemade container. Maybe you don’t save coins. [Read more…]

5 Things for a Better 2013

Here are the “5 things for a better 2013” that I have been working on at my house.

1) Since I constantly have a mound of different projects needing my attention I purchased a file bin to organize them. The nice thing is it holds file folders and bigger items if needed. Now I keep my Bright Ideas Press and school projects from spreading out all over my counter. [Read more…]