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Star Trek Themed Party

Star Trek Themed Party

Well earlier this summer my kids wrote a Top 10 Things to Do This Summer  and #4 on their list was Have a Star Trek Themed Party.

Planning parties is a great family learning event! As a homeschool mom I could even work in some school lessons on budgeting, planning and creative thinking into our day.

Star Trek Themed Decoration Ideas:

First we researched decoration ideas. Then we allotted $10 for the budget. The funds went to 4 black plastic table cloths, 1 pack of silver balloons, 1 red light bulb, and 2 star ice cube trays. Add to that some Christmas lights and our own stash of Star Trek toys and we had a party atmosphere.

Star Trek Themed Menu:


Second we planned the menu. We served Star Fleet sandwiches, Vulcan Veggies, Talaxiam Fruit Salad, and lovely drinks with our star shaped ice cubes. (Blue Gatorade worked well) Oh did I mention the dessert, a Borg Cake! My daughter was kind enough to make the cake gluten and dairy free. Don’t forget to serve the Earl Gray tea hot.

Star Trek Themed Party Activities:

Third was the entertainment line-up. A challenging round of Star Trek Scene It was enjoyed.

Next we held a Phaser Challenge which was how well could you use your Nerf dart guns to knock down various items.

We ended with watching our favorite movie, “The Search for Spock.”


Star Trek Themed Costumes:

Next up the costumes. Thankfully Goodwill organizes their shirts by color, we easily scored the red, blue and yellow that each person needed. My husband (aka 1 on of 6) scavenged hoses and wires to make a Borg costume. I couldn’t resist buying Vulcan ears from Amazon. My oldest son used thumbtacks to mark his ranking as admiral. That topped off our budget at $26 dollars for costume supplies.

A new family photo…PRICELESS



Introduction to 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential

Verse Matthew Ch 9:27

My friends who have called needing advice on potty training, know my comment will always be “they won’t start kindergarten in diapers, take a deep breath and relax for a moment.” They will reach those developmental stages, at their time; sometimes we just need someone to remind us of that.

There are times when you just need some encouraging words that your child will conquer that stage of development. When those children start Kindergarten, I make it a point to call their mommas and ask, “Do you remember when you thought diapers would never leave your house?” The phone call is really good for a laugh.

Now I am at the point where my oldest is a senior in high school and I am panicked I have missed something he may desperately need to know for college. Ack! Take a deep breath.

I must remind myself that there all gaps, and it’s okay. He will graduate and survive college. I have made it a point to talk with moms who have graduated their children from their home schools cause I need the reminder he will conquer this stage of life. (Hey, I will survive too!)

This weeks reading was the forward and appendix of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential. Zan Tyler states her purpose for writing this book is to encourage women in the journey of being a wife and mother. Yeah, I need encouragement this week! I can’t wait to read the rest of the book.

Then the zinger, Zan points out that, “God continues to focus firmly on relationships with Him and others.” Oh, that doesn’t sound like math, reading or science. Hmm have I gotten so carried away with academics I have forgotten our relationships? Didn’t I just pray for God to help us in the friendship department?

Oh, no I can’t write about Chapter 1 until next week!