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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Ok I am just going to assume if you have more than 1 child you have experienced sibling rivalry in your house. The culprits in my house are my 7 yr. and 11 yr. old sons. They share a room, they share toys and they share their parents.

In my quest to bring peace to my house, I have found one idea that helps bring unity. Now we have memorized scripture, prayed about heart changes and encouraged kind gestures, but sometimes it’s hard to act lovingly when you have back-to-back confrontations.

When I notice the constant bickering and fighting is reaching a peak of out of control, I look for an activity for just the two of them; an activity where they get to feel special for going and can have a chance to bind their hearts over a pleasant experience.

Sometimes it is simple moment like sneaking away for ice cream. Sometimes you need to plan an adventure for the afternoon.


Last week I took them to the rodeo, just the two of them. They laughed at each other riding the mechanical bull. When we got home they were happy to report to the family their adventure.

Then when the bickering started, I could remind them how much fun they can have with their brother. It amazes me how quick they can forget the fun times but I hope when they are older then can be friends.

Part of my intentional parenting includes helping the children build better relationships with each other.

Do you have any special things you do to help battle sibling rivalry?

Cupcakes for Missions Continues


In case you missed my first blog post on Cupcakes, Missions and Social Media.

My daughter continues to receive orders for cupcakes, even after funding her first 3-week mission trip back in April. These cupcakes have allowed her to fund and attend another mission trip.

This week she is serving a special needs camp in Pennsylvania. A group of teens are scrubbing dishes, setting tables, and cleaning bathrooms to help serve the staff and campers.

Since her cupcakes are homemade people like to comment on them. Some of her customers take her cupcakes to public parties and have been able to share how they purchased them to support missions. It has been a great way to start a conversation about Jesus!

She has baked well over 500 cupcakes since January and she continues to love baking them. I love to see her heart grow in the serving of others. She starts high school in September and I am already working on getting her high school credit for all her work.

I am blessed to be able to encourage her and thankful that her family rallies around her by washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. May the Lord continue to show me the potential of each of my children.

Thank you to all of “YOU” who have ordered cupcakes!!


Political Map Done With Cupcakes


Political Map

My daughter decided to make a political map of South America for extra credit for her geography class. It was the last co-op class of the year and we wanted to celebrate the kids hard work with North Star Geography.

Creating a Political Map with Cupcakes:

  • My daughter can get 20 cupcakes per box of cake mix. This time we placed them together and treated them like a cake. She used black icing to create an outline of the country borders. She did her best to copy the outline from her atlas.
  • Once we outlined the countries we choose different colors of icing to fill in each country. It did take a little planning to make sure the same color did not get used for any countries sharing borders.
  • Next some blue icing for the oceans. We did decide to layer the icing so the gaps between cupcakes would be hidden. Most people don’t turn down a little extra butter cream icing. We really like the way the political map looked connected.
  • Now once the design is done, using toothpicks and address labels, we labeled the countries of South America.

For a little bonus we told her co-op that they had to name the capitals in order to enjoy a cupcake!

Of course creating a political map was easier then creating a topographical map but we might be up for the challenge over the summer. Yes the kids did know the capitals and were more then happy to answer the questions for cupcakes.

I recently have seen a periodic table done in cupcakes on Pinterest. Almost make me wonder if we could create an entire unit study on cupcake based lesson plans.

Political Cupcakes