100 Things to Do With a Dollar

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100 things to do with a dollar

100 Things to Do With a Dollar! If you give a homeschool mom a dollar these are some of the things she will teach her kids.

For some of these your dollar might need to be broken into different coins. I have constructed the list into different topics. Grab a dollar or dollars worth of change and enjoy your time of learning and fun.

Design of the Dollar Bill:

  1. How can you tell if a dollar bill is real or a fake?
  2. Get out a magnifying glass and study what the symbols on the dollar represent. 
  3. Enter a dollar bill into the Where is George website. Track the travels of your dollar.
  4. Track Dollar Bills is another web site for tracking your dollar’s travels.
  5. Decode the information on a dollar bill. Where was your dollar bill printed?
  6. Research what happens if your dollar becomes damaged. 
  7. How is a dollar bill made?
  8. Eye spy the Owl on the dollar bill.
  9. Read about the myths surrounding the symbols on the dollar bill.
  10. Pay your kids a dollar to write a paragraph about what they have learned about the design of a dollar.

Dollar Bill Math:

  1. If you start with a dollar and double your money every day, how many days until you have a million dollars?
  2. What could you buy in 1960 for a dollar? Compare and contrast the price difference of a few popular items.
  3. How much does a dollar weigh? How much would a million dollars weigh?
  4. Measure the size of your dollar.
  5. Pay your kids a dollar to construct an ABC Book of Math Ideas. 

Science and Money:

  1. Clean your pennies with vinegar. Then look under the microscope and note the difference between a clean and dirty penny.
  2. Study the magnetic ink used in dollar bills. Just add a dollar to a blender. You do need Neodymium Magnets.
  3. If you do not want to put your dollar in the blender try this magnetic experiment instead.
  4. Try an exothermic reaction with a dollar bill and alcohol. Will your dollar burn?
  5. Make a paper airplane and study the history of flight.
  6. Make a penny disappear. Invite 99 friends over to try.
  7. Make a battery out of a dollar’s worth of change.
  8. Freeze a dollar in a block of ice. See how long it takes to melt. Ask the kids what they can try to help the ice melt faster.
  9. How strong is a dollar bill? Can you get your dollar to bear the weight of 4 quarters? We chose coins instead of the shot glass used in the video.
  10. Buy a blank journal at the dollar store and go on a nature walk.

Dollar Bill Crafts:

  1. How to fold a dollar bill into a heart. Remind kids of the love of learning.
  2. Create a flower out of a dollar bill. Then decide who needs cheering up with a flower.
  3. How to fold a dollar bill into a sailboat. Well there are a dozen history lessons that include a boat.
  4. Create a bow tie out of a dollar. Since we love Life of Fred and Doctor Who a bow tie is a perfect idea.
  5. How to fold a dollar bill into a butterfly.
  6. Create a shirt out of a dollar bill. Now save it for the next birthday party gift.
  7. Create a paper frame for a dollar bill.
  8. Fold a dollar bill into a book mark. Use it to read one of the classics.
  9. How to fold a dollar bill into a ring. Great idea for the next birthday party goody bags.
  10. Place a dollar bill in a picture frame with the note to break glass in case of emergency.

Adventures of a Dollar:

  1. Bury your dollar in the back yard. Draw a treasure map and see if you family or friends can find it.
  2. On a field trip to a local city find a street performer and tip them for their entertainment.
  3. Hide it in one of your favorite books at the library to be found by another book lover later.
  4. Look at what a dollar can buy you in other countries. Which country do you want to visit with your dollar?
  5. Dollar Challenge: How many different items can you buy with just one dollar. I did this one year as a joke to a friend who gave me a dollar with a note to not spend it all in one place. I was able to buy 9 items with my dollar.
  6. Leave a dollar near a vending machine.
  7. Using a dollars worth of change, place coins in a handful of balloons. Blow up the balloons and see how long until your kids realize their is money inside the balloon. Then let them pop the balloons to count their coins.
  8. Do the activity above but use water to fill the balloons.
  9. Make a wish with a dollars worth of change and a fountain that donates the change to a local charity.
  10. Ask you kids what random chores they are willing to do for a dollar. Then pick one of their suggestions and pay them a dollar to complete the task.

Donating a Dollar:

  1. Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive
  2. Can of soup to donate to local food pantry.
  3. Donate to a local charity and if you do not think a dollar will make a difference then challenge your friends to do the same.
  4. Place your dollar in the offering plate on Sunday.
  5. Buy a bottle of Suave shampoo for a homeless shelter.
  6. Buy a spiral notebook for a needy student.
  7. Buy a can of cat food for the animal shelter.
  8. Pay a dollar toward the national debt.
  9. A tube of chapstick for a nursing home resident.
  10. An item for Operation Shoe Box.

Emergency Kit Supplies for a dollar: Of course a lesson plan on storm preparedness would happen first.

  1. Batteries
  2. Candles
  3. Flashlight
  4. Bottled Water
  5. Can of Tuna Fish
  6. Box of Crackers
  7. Rain Poncho
  8. Can of Fruit Cocktail
  9. Lighter
  10. Duct Tape

Investments for a Dollar:

  1. Start a savings account with your dollar.
  2. Buy a dollar’s worth of penny stocks. 
  3. Business start up. Plan your idea on for a new business that a kid could do. Use your dollar as the start-up money.
  4. In some parts of the county you can buy a home for a dollar. I think the challenge would be what creative way could you fix up the property and use it to bless the community.
  5. Read how saving a dollar a day from the day you were born until you were 18 years old can secure a large retirement fund.

Things to buy for a Dollar:

  1. A pack of seeds for next year’s garden.
  2. Buy a used book from the local library sale.
  3. An encouraging song from iTunes.
  4. Pay to print 4 photos that make you smile.
  5. Thank you card and then give it to the oldest person at your church.
  6. A seasonal item from Dollar Tree to decorate your home.
  7. Time to use the vacuum at the local car wash.
  8. An e-book from Amazon like The Complete Tom Sawyer (all four books in one volume)
  9. Watch for the dollar sale at Scholastic and buy a new teacher resource.
  10. Pack of bubble gum to hold the biggest bubble blowing contest.

Random Dollar Items:

  1. How to open a bottle with a dollar bill. You never know when the bottle opener will go missing from the kitchen drawer.
  2. Angry Birds Star Wars (Ad-Free) Because you believe they can learn physics by playing the game.
  3. Place a dollar bill inside a bar of soap to encourage kids to shower.
  4. Exchange your dollar bill for a dollar coin.
  5. Buy a basket and organize a bathroom cabinet.
  6. After reading What’s on your dollar bill? I recommend buying a bar of soap.
  7. Pack of straws and then teach your kids how to have a spit ball war.
  8. Play the dollar game, use quarters instead of dollars. Allow the winner to use the money for a family activity of their choosing.
  9. Play the quiet game, pay the winner a dollar.
  10. Post on Facebook what would you do with a dollar. Give a dollar to your friend who gives the best answer.

Relaxing for a Dollar: Since the homeschool mom has worked hard teaching she deserves a dollar to relax.

  1. Cheap cup of coffee and a chance to sit and listen to your kids dreams.
  2. Rent a family movie from Redbox, sadly I think the price just increased so look in the couch cushions for some extra change.
  3. A scented candle. Relax and close your eyes in the soft light.
  4. A frosty from Wendys and a trip to the park.
  5. A loaf of bread and a chance to feed the ducks.
  6. Buy some bubbles and watch them float away, taking your troubles with them.
  7. A small piece of chocolate and good lock on the bathroom door can buy you a few minutes of peaceful bliss.
  8. A small bottle of lotion and a moment to rub your tired feet. Bonus if you can get your spouse to do it.
  9. Buy a bag of popcorn, grab a blanket and head to a dark place at night to stargaze.
  10. Pack of paper plates, now you have a chance to skip dishes for the night because the silverware and cups can keep until morning.

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This post may contain AFFILIATE LINKS. Clicking through these links help to support the costs involved in running this blog and sometimes can help with other expenses. You can find my full disclosure under the DISCLOSURE TAB. Thanks!

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