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There, Their, They’re worksheets
Sometimes students need to “see it” to understand.  My visual mind runs on overtime; so I am not surprised anymore at my boys need to “see it.”

I spent 2 days explaining the difference with there, their, they’re. I found tons of worksheets that had them fill in the blanks and posters that explained the definitions with more words, but nothing seemed to cement the difference in their minds, visually.

So I created this hand out that color coded the words and added pictures. Then I wrote up 10 sentences with different usages of the words. I had my son underline the sentence with the color that matched the color of the correct there, their, they’re. He used his handout as a reference sheet in the beginning. Then I found some great pirate themed worksheets, which quickly got his attention and allowed him to transition to filling in the blank with the correct word.

Yeah, he can now “see it”

There, Their, They’re work sheet.

Now I am off to make some handout on the spelling rules. Yesterday he read the rule that started with “If the word ends in a y…”

Well he started looking for words ending in “ay” not “y”



  1. Haha…I can totally see his logic ;)


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