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Squirrel! My word for 2014

Happy New Year!!

My first goal is to remember to write 2014 instead of 2013 for the date. I might spend a few moments practicing, 2014, 2014, 2014…

I have enjoyed reading what my fellow bloggers are choosing for their one word for 2014. I could not decide until this morning what my word for should be…but now I have it.

My word Squirrel

Reasons why I chose the word squirrel:

  1. These fun loving creatures work hard and play hard.
  2. The word brings a smile to face and no guilt to my heart.
  3. My family is already familiar to what happens when mom is chasing squirrels.
  4. I want to embrace the nutty life the Lord has given me.
  5. I thought I would have more fun with the word squirrel then with the word focus.

I even created a squirrel printable to help me out. The download includes one with lines and one without lines.

Squirrel Printable

Squirrel Printable with no lines.      Squirrel Printable with lines.

My main goal with my squirrel printable is to write down what I need to do on-line before getting on my computer. I can not even begin to count how many times last year I would have 2 or 3 things I need to do and then an hour later would shut my laptop and realize I had chased squirrels the whole time.

Then while I am on-line working on my important items and see a squirrel I can jot it down on my paper to return to it later.

I want my word squirrel to remind me to schedule some fun this year. I have a dear friend who just closes her calendar and takes time to relax. I marvel at how she does it.

I will be adding squirrel time to my calendar and when my thoughts start racing through my head on what I should be doing…I will pull out my squirrel paper, write them down, and move on to relaxing.

In 2014 I am going to embrace my inner squirrel!


  1. Brilliant – I have never done one word because my very short attention span just doesn’t work that way. But squirrel? Oh yes – that I can relate to!

  2. This post really tickled my funny bone because, well, it really applies to me. I can get sidetracked easier than anyone else I know. I have several words I’d like to choose to be my 2014 word such as…focus – consistency – follow through, but Squirrel totally trumps them all.

  3. I may just need to steal “squirrel” as my word for the year. Oh yes, I was thinking intentional, but then I thought stillness, and then there was this bright shiny star.

    Oh yes, squirrel sounds quite appropriate as I’ve just now wasted a good hour doing nothing really useful.

  4. Squirrel is the word for my life! Lol. I totally understand.

  5. FABulous! I love it!

  6. Good for you. I <3 the squirrel mentality, being an avid squirrel-spotter from birth.

  7. What a fun idea for your word! I love it! You’re so right – I get online to do one thing, then 30 minutes later when the kids need me, I still have that one thing to get to. Blargh. I’ve been trying to use Todoist to track all those “oh, I should do that!” ideas to keep focused. It’s helped a little. One step at a time…

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