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Forgot my address!

How many lessons, how many drills, how many trial runs have I done with my kids? What is your address? What number do you call in an emergency? Countless I am sure!

Two nights ago my husband woke me up from a sound sleep, “I am having chest pains and I think I am going to pass out.” Then he did pass out! I leaped from the bed and grabbed the phone to call 911. So my mind is trying to process all of this through a daze of sleepiness.

The lady on the other end says, “What is your address?” Blank, my mind was blank. I could remember my street name, but the house number…Gone! Then I remembered on the inside of my pantry cabinet door was a list of important phone numbers for the kids to use and at the top of the list….My Address!!!

My husband as spent 2 days in the hospital and no one can tell us why this happened. We need to follow up with a few doctors on some things that were borderline but WE ARE HOME.

In my husband’s words, “We spent a lot of money, No answers, Move on.

In my words, “You better never do that to me again!”

Thank you for your prayers.

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