Crockpot Recipes with Five Ingredients or Less

Crockpot blog post! There is something about crockpots that gets ladies chatting. Which one do you have? Do you have more then one? What is your favorite crockpot recipe?

This week I am joining the ladies over at iHomeschool Network to talk about crockpots.

“Crockpot Recipes with Five Ingredients or Less”

Some weeks I have our meals planned and dinner happens regularly. Some weeks I forget that my family wants to eat every day.

So when it’s 8:30 am and I am walking out the door in 30 minutes to run errands, go to the doctors and co-op…I am going to walk in the door at 4:30 with nothing planned for dinner. Sometimes I only have 1 hour before the evening activities begin. What can I do? [Read more...]

Build Your Own Fort



Studying the French and Indian War in All American History Jr., I had the boys build a fort. Now this fort is made out of mashed potatoes and baby carrots!

I thought it was a great time to teach the boys how to peal and dice potatoes. They loved the chance at being in the kitchen.

While the potatoes were cooking I read the lesson to them about the war.

Once the potatoes were mashed, we built the perimeter for our fort. Then taking baby carrots and placing them in the mashed potatoes we made the walls of our fort. My boys couldn’t wait for dinner!



(Yeah, I was that kid who liked to play with their food)