Organizing Our Mystery of History Notebook

Mystery of History Notebooks

This year will be my third cycle through the Mystery of History volume 1. For the first time my children will be able to use some of the extra material I have created.

When homeschooling parents stop by the Bright Ideas Press booth at conventions I often tell them the Mystery of History book is all you need to teach history…the extra supplements are for different learning styles. Being a momma of boys…coloring pages never really get a lot of excitement at my house, this would be an easy purchase to skip. The audio cds don’t work for my visual learners but my one audio learner loves them. If you need hands-on with little writing go with the folder books.

Linda Hobar explains in the introduction how to do notecards, set up time lines, and how to organize a notebook. I have taken these guidelines and tweaked them to work at my house. [Read more…]