The Mystery of History E-book Form

MOH ebook

I know I have been quiet the past few weeks but I have an amazing July planned. I have a 5 Day Series on Illuminations planned for next week. It includes Youtube videos on creating schedules. Plus I have a give-away…$50 gift certificate to spend in the Bright Ideas Press Store. My way of saying “Thank you” for stopping by.

But I could not keep this news to myself and had to share.

Did you hear? You can now buy The Mystery of History in e-book form on Amazon!

Yes each quarter is sold separately and the first quarter is only $3.99

Quarters 2,3 and 4 retail for $9.99 each. [Read more…]

Mystery of History volume 1, Popular Q and A

Mystery of History volume 1 Popular Questions and Answers

The top 10 frequently asked questions about using Mystery of History volume 1.

I thought I would take a moment and give the answers I give when people stop by the Bright Ideas Press booth at conferences or ask me questions on-line. [Read more…]

Homeschool Curriculum, Benefits to Using Again

Homeschool Curriculum

I do believe there are perks for cycling back through a chorological homeschool curriculum. We are currently on our third time through (affiliate link) Mystery of History volume 1.

The amazing thing about using the same history homeschool curriculum is the confidence that it builds, both for the kids and me.

There was a year or two where we tried another all-inclusive program but I kept adding Mystery of History to the history component.

Benefits to using the same homeschool curriculum: [Read more…]

Ancient Greek Activities

Ancient Greek Activities

We are moving right along with our (affiliate link) Mystery of History Ancient Civilization studies. A few months back we worked on Ancient Egypt activities.

Now we are ready to conquer Ancient Greek activities. My boys are hands-on learners but I have found that does not mean a hands-on activity every day. Sometimes it is best for them to read and study a few weeks on a topic before I introduce the activities. Sometimes this momma needs to catch her breath with all the activities.

First I stopped by the library and cleared the shelf of all the Ancient Greek books.

Then I followed this formula for our “Ancient Greek Activities Day.” [Read more…]

The Mystery of History High School Credit

Mystery of History High School

Each state requires different criteria for establishing high school credits. Please note this is not an exact guideline but a glimpse into how I used Mystery of History volume 1 for a high school credit. 

Linda Hobar goes into great detail on ways to break down the time needed for using Mystery of History for high school credit. 

The following list includes the criteria of assignments. The goal is to spend 4 to 5 hours a week on (affiliate link) Mystery of History high school credit.

[Read more…]

Mystery of History Folder Book Vol. 1

Mystery of History Folder book

Did you know that Mystery of History Folder book contains answer keys for the mini books? Each figure has notes already typed and ready to be taped into the mini books. This is great for younger students, reluctant writers, or for completing a folder book in a morning. I decided in reviewing the first quarter we would spend the morning constructing (affiliate link) The Mystery of History folder book.

Over the past year I have gotten really carried away with note booking pages. Doing notebook pages and folder books can be overwhelming. I don’t recommend trying to do both since the goal for both is taking notes on the lesson. [Read more…]

7 Days of Creation Project, Lego style

7 Days of Creation Project

Since our history and science curriculmns overlap often, completing a 7 Days of Creation project was a great combination to both subjects. (Affiliate Links) We are using the Mystery of History and Christian Kids Explore Creation Science.

I found the Lego green and blue boards to be great foundations for building the 7 days of creation project. Since days 1, 2, and 4 don’t really require building our Lego building focus was on plants, land animals, and sea creatures.

I broke this project down into a few different days. One day the boys built plants and tress, the next day sea creatures, and then land animals. Once they had a stock pile of living items they were ready to photograph each day of creation. [Read more…]

Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids

Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids

We are moving right along with our Mystery of History lessons, except there isn’t a fun history project in sight. Actually not one history project has been attempted. We have been focusing on science, grammar, and writing. When I look at those areas I am encouraged with the progress.

If you stop by often at Layered Soul, then you know how much we love projects. But I don’t want you to think we do amazing projects in every subject every day. Trust me…we don’t. [Read more…]

Mystery of History and GrapeVine Bible Study

Mystery of History and Grapevine Bible Study

Finishing up my final school plans. Last on the list, deciding how to combine Mystery of History (Affiliate link) with GrapeVine Bible study. (Affiliate link)

I have never been a fan of combining curriculum, mainly because I get overwhelmed teaching one. I can’t imagine taking parts from 2 or 3 to complete, but my kids fell in love last year with stick drawing their bible study.

How to organize Mystery of History Vol. 1 and GrapeVine Old Testament Overview to flow together.

• GrapeVine Old Testament bible study has 46 lessons divided over 4 separate books. That’s not counting Lesson 1 of each book that covers the timelines.

• Mystery of History has 36 weeks of 3 lessons a week.

[Read more…]

The Greco Roman Book, A Product Review

*Warning: If you give a boy a book on how to build  weapons it will lead to building a helmet, a shield, a tunic, a cape…

Greco Roman

Really I should title this post, “Boys, Duct-Tape and Weapons.” I usually write my product reviews on items I find and love but this time I was contacted by Gloria Erickson from Warfare by Duct Tape and asked if I would be interested in doing one on The Greco Roman Book. As soon as I clicked on the website to look at the book I knew instantly my boys would love this. Then my next thought…how much money will this set me back?

The biggest cost in these projects is the duck-tape. I found that the dark gray was cheaper at Target for $2.29 a roll. For the silver and colored duck-tape AcMoore price was $3.97. But you can always wait for sales or use 40% coupons. We used about 5 rolls of duck-tape to make 6 swords, 2 helmets, 1 shield, 2 capes and 2 tunics. [Read more…]