Life of Fred Dogs, Extra Activities

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We are ending our school year with Life of Fred Dogs. We began this year with Life of Fred Apples, followed by Life of Fred Butterflies and Life of Fred Cats. I have no doubt we will continue the series next school year.

I plan on spending the summer reviewing time, money, and addition facts. My son needs extra time to absorb all the information presented in the Life of Fred Series.

Life of Fred Dogs: Extra Activities

We began by collecting books about dogs from our local library. I would suggest adding spaghetti noodles to your grocery list. My son enjoyed using them as a math manipulative for one of the lessons. Yes, we ate them raw too.

I highly recommend cooking eggs along with lesson one. [Read more...]

Life of Fred Cats, Extra Activities

Life of Fred Cats

We have almost completed Life of Fred Cats. If you are new to the Life of Fred math series I have written about our journey with Life of Fred Apples and Life of Fred Butterflies.

Since my children suffer from a disease that causes them to hate math, I love that Fred discusses math in the context of history and science topics.

To help build excitement with each new Life of Fred book, I buy a new math game. Since we are using Mystery of History volume one, the Mummy Math game became our new favorite.

For the first lesson in Life of Fred Cats, I bought some glow-in-the-dark star stickers. I had my son create the Orion constellation with the stickers. [Read more...]

Life of Fred Butterflies, Extra Activities

LIfe of Fred Butterflies
We have completed Life of Fred Apples and almost have Life of Fred Butterflies done.

No one at my house likes math. Life of Fred has introduced some math humor into our learning.

I do agree with the author about math being more then memorizing math facts, but my kids really need more practice to remember the concepts.

Along with the Life of Math Answer page I created to document their “Your Turn to Play”, I have also signed up to EdHelper for extra math pages. Really it has saved me time scouring the Internet for free math pages. I add these pages to his math notebook. I would also recommend signing up to¬†Free Homeschool Deals. Often there are addition and subtraction activities for free. I have gotten a few games and lap books by reading the daily deals. [Read more...]

Life of Fred Math: Ideas, Activities and Notebook Pages

life of fred

Math at my house generally brings frustration and agony to my kids and me. I usually avoid any questions on which math curriculum do you use…cause we have used most of them. Especially since each of my kids learn differently. I have to work hard not to grumble about teaching math.

A few months ago I stumbled upon an online discussion of math books and discovered Life of Fred. At my first convention I bought the first three books in the series.

After reading the Life of Fred Apples, I knew I was going to need to incorporate hands-on activities and extra practice with the concepts. [Read more...]

Place Value Cups, 8 Ideas on How to Use Them

Teaching Place Value with cups

Have you ever found a great DIY project and then wonder what to do with it? Or a great homeschool idea that looks great on Pinterest but leaves you thinking long and hard on how to teach it.

In my quest to teach place value to my youngest son, I found directions on how to construct place value cups. The basic idea for place value cups is to use Styrofoam cups and labels them with numbers. I loved the visual and hands-on aspect of this, although I did tweak it. I used a cup for each comma that was needed. Since I have been correcting 12,39 or 4567,98 recently, I wanted a clear visual on 3 numbers grouped together then the comma. [Read more...]