How I am Teaching Mystery of History Volume 4

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Mystery of History volume 4

School has started for most homeschool families and those who love Mystery of History are waiting with eager anticipation for The Mystery of History volume 4.

Since it is my fault that notebooking pages have not been completed, I decided to brainstorm ideas on how to start school without all my favorite supplemental products for Mystery of History volume 4. Please pray for me while I work to complete them.

After a quick look in the school cabinet and behind my piano, I am sure everyone stores their poster board behind their pianos.
I made a list of what supplies I do have. [Read more...]

How a Septic Tank Works, for Kids

How a Septic Tank Works, for kids

Why am I writing about how a septic tank works? Well we found out this week that we need to replace ours. If I am going to eat beans and rice for the next 7 months and tear up my back golly we are going to learn how a septic tank works.

When you flush the toilet where does the waste go? This is a great lead into our unit study on septic tanks. I did toy with the idea of starting this unit with the book Where’s the Poop?

How a Septic Tank Works:

  1. How big is the average tank?
  2. How often do you get the tank pumped?
  3. Why do they agitate the tank?
  4. What do they do after the tank is pumped?

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Illuminations and High School Credit

Student On Books Showing Educated And Knowledge

Since I have been asked a few different times about which high school credits can be earned using (affiliate link) Illuminations, I thought I would do a write up of a few examples.

My oldest son graduated last year and attends college majoring in Atmospheric Science and GIS.

My daughter is a junior in high school and plans to attend our local college to become a pastry chef.

I mention their career choices to point out their high school transcripts look completely different even though they used the same program.

Personally I like to work backwards on high school credits. I look at what they need to graduate and what their college of choice requires. Once I know what is expected then I look at how courses offered in Illuminations can fulfill the requirements. [Read more...]

Mystery of History volume 3 Folder books

I present to you… (affiliate link) Mystery of History of volume 3 folder books!

I probably answer this question a few times a week and now I can say, “YES” the folder books are done!

Start the victory dance! I may be behind with lesson plans and house cleaning but now I have a finished project. Yippee.

There is a folder book for each quarter of Mystery of History volume 3 and you can purchase just (affiliate link) Quarter 1 to try them. Yes, each lesson has a mini book. The answer key provided allows the option of adding information to the mini books without getting caught up with the writing aspect. This can be very helpful for young students, special need students, and students who struggle with writing.

Now with the completion of Mystery of History volume 3 folder books the(affiliate link) Super Supplemental for MOH 3 is complete.

Both items have been added to the Bright Ideas Press website.

Mystery of History volume 3 Preview

Mystery of History volume 3

Please enjoy this moment with me and refrain from asking about Mystery of History volume 4. Just kidding, I have the notebook pages half way completed. Once the notebook pages are complete then work on the folder books with start.


Homeschool Curriculum Advice

Homeschool Curriculum Advice

My homeschool curriculum advice when planning for the new school year…give yourself permission to adapt!

Since it’s the beginning of the school year I felt the need to write a chant on homeschool curriculum advice.

Grab your pom-poms! Are you ready? It’s time to give a YELL!

Homeschool Curriculum Advice Chant

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How Much Does it Cost to Homeschool?

Cost to Homeschool

I firmly believe there are four things that affect the cost to homeschool.

  1. The grade of the child.
  2. The time a mother has to prepare and plan.
  3. Buying new vs. used.
  4. Obviously the number of children impacts the total cost.

Following sites like Free Homeschool Deals or Homeschool Giveaways can supply you with mega ideas and items. You might actually find it difficult in selecting which free item to use.

Spending time researching, planning and printing can keep the cost to homeschool down to time spent and printer ink.

Even a well organized school budget runs into problems. I have blown the homeschool budget three months into the school year and was faced with buying a very expensive math program or hiring a tutor. In the long run, the $300 was worth it but at the time I thought I had lost my sanity.

In the early years I did a lot of planning and workbooks from Goodwill. Then factor in multiple learning styles, part-time work and high school credits and I found I needed a more structured curriculum. [Read more...]

Illuminations, Combining Two Weeks

Illuminations Series

I could joke and say if you have homeschooled for at least a day then you understand the need for rescheduling school work. Kids get sick, mom gets sick and family emergencies happen. Then the tension can rise when the colorful printed schedule grids have not been completed by the end of the week. Take a deep breath…slowly exhale.

Since the schedule software does not allow you to bump information to the next week how do you handle rescheduling?

Illuminations Schedule Combining

Suggestions for Combining Weeks in Illuminations:

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Schedule Tweaks with Illuminations

Illuminations Series

We are still talking about (affiliate link) Illuminations. I hope these posts are helping you to understand how the program works.

If you watched the first video on “How to create a schedule with Illuminations” then you are ready to look at some other tweaks of the software.

I have to admit I needed a little extra help on creating this post and video. I emailed my co-worker who works 5 days a week on the redesign of Illuminations. These are the points he felt every user would benefit from knowing. I even had to do conference call to fully understand all the details. [Read more...]

Creating a Schedule with Illuminations

Illuminations Series

The new software included in (affiliate link) Illuminations gives me the freedom to create custom schedules in under 10 minutes each week.

At the beginning of the school year a small amount time is needed to select and create the schedule. Once saved the schedule can be labeled by the child’s name and an icon remains on my desktop. Each week I click the icon, click the week we are on, make a few changes and print.

My kids love knowing at a glance what they will be learning for the week. They are also accountable to complete the work in the grids. My kids use it as a check list and will mark off the completed assignments. It becomes very visual on how much is completed and still needs to be done by Friday. [Read more...]

Illuminations and Study Guides

Illuminations Series

What is the difference between an FSG and a RAG? What things are included in the study guides? Where can I find the guides in the program? Are there answer keys?

Illuminations Study Guides:

  • There are 3 types of study guides
  • Read-Alone Guide (RAG)
  • Family Study Guide (FSG)
  • High School Study Guide (HSSG)
  • All the guides include Answer keys

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