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Ancient Greek Activities

Ancient Greek Activities

We are moving right along with our (affiliate link) Mystery of History Ancient Civilization studies. A few months back we worked on Ancient Egypt activities.

Now we are ready to conquer Ancient Greek activities. My boys are hands-on learners but I have found that does not mean a hands-on activity every day. Sometimes it is best for them to read and study a few weeks on a topic before I introduce the activities. Sometimes this momma needs to catch her breath with all the activities.

First I stopped by the library and cleared the shelf of all the Ancient Greek books.

Then I followed this formula for our “Ancient Greek Activities Day.”

  • Pick a book from the pile to read.
  • After they were finished reading I would ask them questions.
  • What did you learn?
  • What was the most interesting thing you read?
  • Show me your favorite picture.
  • Then we would do an activity and pick another book to read and do another activity.

Ancient Greek Activities: Vases

Before Christmas a group of bloggers were reviewing Art in History ceramics. The products looked really interesting. I decided to purchase one for my daughter, who is in high school. I did not have the money to buy three of them. But I found on Pinterest the next best thing. A sharpie marker writes well on a clay pot. I had 2 small clay pots around the house. My boys found this an easy activity to complete. Now I am saving the pots to break apart for a future Mystery of History of lesson where they get to be archeologists and put the broken pots back together.

Ancient Greek Activities: Three Styles of Columns

My older kids loved drawing the columns when I taught ancients years ago, so I knew I needed to repeat the activity.
Supplies:Ancient Greek Activities

  • Paper
  • Charcoal stick
  • Pencil
  • Tissues, for messy fingers

I had examples of each style. I demonstrated how to draw each style in pencil. Then they took the charcoal, outlined the design, and used their finger to shade.

Next we discussed the Parthenon and I sent them to their rooms to build it out of Legos. SHATTERPOINT Entertainment sells the Greek hoplite accessories.

lego parthenon

I had hoped to do a “feet washing” before lunch but they finished their Lego creation and headed right to the kitchen and started lunch without me.

Ancient Greek Activities: Rap Rhapsody

I heard these crazy noises coming from the living room. I walked in and found my husband and two sons performing a rap about Homer.

I will let YouTube finish the story.

We finished the day by watching “The Greeks, Crucible of Civilization” by PBS from Netflix.


  1. This is great, Stacey! Love the new look of your blog!

  2. I love the idea of drawing the columns rather than building them, oh my goodness that is much easier…..

    • My older kids loved drawing them years ago, so when I got this out for the younger they wanted to help teach. I was amazed at how much information they still remembered.


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