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Star Trek Themed Party

Star Trek Themed Party
(Warning this is not a normal post)
Star Trek

You are probably wondering why we spent the day in Star Trek costumes and playing games….Well earlier this summer my kids wrote a Top 10 Things to Do This Summer  and #4 Have a Star Trek Party.

Planning parties is a great Family Learning Event!

First we researched decoration ideas, and then we allotted $10 for the budget. The funds went to 4 black plastic table clothes, 1 pack of silver balloons, 1 red light bulb, and 2 star ice cube trays. Add to that some Christmas lights and our own stash of star trek toys and we had a party atmosphere.
Star Fleet SandwichesBorg CakeDrinksLunch

Second we planned the menu. We served Star Fleet sandwiches, Vulcan Veggies, Talaxiam Fruit Salad, and lovely drinks with our star shaped ice cubes. (Blue Gatorade worked well) Oh did I mention the dessert, a Borg Cake! My daughter was kind enough to make the cake gluten and dairy free. Don’t forget the Earl Gray tea hot.
Borg and cake
Third was the entertainment line-up. A challenging round of Star Trek Scene It, followed by a Phaser Challenge, and watching our favorite movie, “The Search for Spock.”
Phaser Shoot

Next up the costumes. Thankfully Goodwill organizes their shirts by color, we easily scored the red, blue and yellow that each person needed. My husband (aka 1 on of 6) scavenged hoses and wires to make a Borg costume. I couldn’t resist buying Vulcan ears from Amazon. My oldest son used thumbtacks to mark his ranking as admiral. That topped off our budget at $26 dollars for costume supplies.

A new family photo…PRICELESS
Lane Family Photo

And if you are still reading…Enjoy this photo too!

Resistance to Marriage is Futile

7 Tools Book Club Ch. 2

Tool Number 1: Establishing Identity

What makes your family unique? Zan Tyler goes through a list of questions to answer to help you define and take inventory about your family. (Go ahead a take few moments to think about it)

On page 33 she points out, “One word of warning: Resist the temptation to compare your family and home life to those around you.” (Guilty as charged)
Layered Soul
For example I could get carried away with all that Zan has done working with government. I could say “Oh I need to do more with politics and run my kids to Capital Hill.” But wait! I would totally miss what God has called my family to do. I am raising a scientist, who claims that Christ is the creator of universe! Now there is a controversy that could be a whole other blog post.
(Don’t take it to the extreme, I do think we should vote and voice our opinions to our legislators)

Why am I looking at how to define my family? Oh so my child will know that he is God’s, so he can know what it is to belong. Zan Tyler goes on to point out that establishing identity, “continues when, as a family, you actively engage in seeking God, in serving others, in enjoying one another’s company, and in learning, growing, and working together.”

Layered Soul
Next week we look at Tool #2, Cultivating Intimacy, Yikes….I struggle with this.


7 Tools Book Club Chapter 1

Layered Soul

I am a visual thinker; my mind is full of pictures.  When I go to remodel a room my mind is where the furniture all gets rearranged over and over until I like it. My husband has learned over the years that even through he can’t see it; he trusts that it will work, when I try to explain the picture to him.

When Zan Tyler writes about seeing the potential in our children, my mind instantly fills with pictures. One thing I have done as a parent is watch for a spark of interest in my children. When they are young I try to expose them to many different things and wait for that spark. Those sparks have led to my oldest son majoring in meteorology in college, my daughter baking cupcakes for a business, and my second son playing ukulele. My youngest son is still experiencing life, although I have noticed he loves organizing things.
Layered Soul
I fell in love with Zan Tyler’s quote on education, “When we educate our children, we are attempting to draw out the gifts and potential God has given them.”

The biggest lie I believed growing up was, “You can be anything you want to be.” When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I love medicine and animals! The downside, I pass out at the sight of blood, every time! Pretty sure in order to be in the world of medicine you shouldn’t pass out at the sight of blood. By thinking I could be what ever I wanted, kept me from focusing on my gifts.

Instead I want my children to develop their unique gifts and use them to the Glory of God.

Next week we will look at the first tool. I pray we can find the encouragement we need to continue to draw out the best in each of our children.


Hives, Steroids and Soft Answers


You may know first hand, or you have watched the affects steroids have on people’s emotions. I personally have never needed to take the stuff, but the men around me have on different occasions.

The best lesson I have learned from it, “How to answer a raging, emotional boy with a loving answer.” I have read a few devotions and books on angry, yelling moms, since I to suffer from it. The hardest thing for me is to be the one self controlled enough to answer kindly and softly in the heated argument.

Man oh man, I have had practice this week. My son, who is currently covered in hives, has been on steroids for the past 3 days. I have a huge visual reminder that he needs extra grace; just looking at his red, swollen face keeps me in check.

Makes me wonder, if I could always visualize him covered with hives, could I answer more often with kind, soft replies?

What lessons have your learned about parenting kids on steroids? Or maybe your best reminder on answering your kids without yelling?

Introduction to 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential

Verse Matthew Ch 9:27

My friends who have called needing advice on potty training, know my comment will always be “they won’t start kindergarten in diapers, take a deep breath and relax for a moment.” They will reach those developmental stages, at their time; sometimes we just need someone to remind us of that.

There are times when you just need some encouraging words that your child will conquer that stage of development. When those children start Kindergarten, I make it a point to call their mommas and ask, “Do you remember when you thought diapers would never leave your house?” The phone call is really good for a laugh.

Now I am at the point where my oldest is a senior in high school and I am panicked I have missed something he may desperately need to know for college. Ack! Take a deep breath.

I must remind myself that there all gaps, and it’s okay. He will graduate and survive college. I have made it a point to talk with moms who have graduated their children from their home schools cause I need the reminder he will conquer this stage of life. (Hey, I will survive too!)

This weeks reading was the forward and appendix of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential. Zan Tyler states her purpose for writing this book is to encourage women in the journey of being a wife and mother. Yeah, I need encouragement this week! I can’t wait to read the rest of the book.

Then the zinger, Zan points out that, “God continues to focus firmly on relationships with Him and others.” Oh, that doesn’t sound like math, reading or science. Hmm have I gotten so carried away with academics I have forgotten our relationships? Didn’t I just pray for God to help us in the friendship department?

Oh, no I can’t write about Chapter 1 until next week!


Book Club

Yes, you can stop laughing. I am doing a book club. Those who know me best, know reading books is a struggle. I think in pictures. Pray I am up for the challenge!
But for the next few weeks I am going to be sharing my journey through this book. I thought it would be a good break from school stuff, take a little inventory of the kids and find a few nuggets to focus on for the coming school year.
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