New Year’s Resolution, I wrote mine!

New Year’s Resolution! I have finally made one. I don’t know if anyone else will have the same one as me, not the typical diet, exercise or get on a budget resolution.

I want to brush my teeth before I go to bed.  Yeah I know GROSS, she doesn’t brush her teeth, think of all those germs, bad breath, cavities!

But you know not brushing my teeth is just a symptom of my problem. I could make myself reminders, set an alarm on my phone, or do a unit study on dental care but I have not addressed the reason why I am not brushing my teeth.

If you look at my crazy day of schooling, working and caring for my family by the time night comes I have pushed myself to the limit and find myself passed out late in the evening and not an ounce of energy to get up and brush my teeth.

I need rest; I need to leave myself that ounce of energy to take care of me. Really I need to stop working late into the evening.

I have joined the Inspired to Action, Hello Mornings on-line community. I know what does a morning group have to do with my nightly neglect, well if I plan to get up early; I have to plan to go to sleep! I will have to stop pushing myself to get one more thing completed on that never ending ‘to do list.’

Note to self: schedule a visit with the dentist

Formula for My Deadlines

Think about how much time it will take to complete the task???


Now double that amount.               DSCN4354

Multiply by 1/3 to account for unplanned life events                DSCN4355

Sprinkle in a few extra days for unclear thoughts.


So my 4 hour project will really take about 11 hours.
My 2 day project will really take about 7 days.
My 5 month project will really take about 14 months.

Now what can I really get done over the Christmas break???